Weight Loss Without Counting Calories

Counting calories is one of the most difficult things to do while trying to lose weight. But this is something most people don’t escape because basic understanding of calories matters especially when you’re trying to slim down. After all, losing weight is essentially about taking in fewer calories than you burn. Now this can be via eating less, whether exercising more, or even a combination of the two. To sum up, you need to keep counting all day round!

This is absolutely annoying! Besides, it isn’t a practical thing to do. So is it really possible to lose weight without counting calories?

You’d be super surprised to know that a lot of people have lost significant amount of weight and kept it off via making some health-focused changes to their lifestyle. They were miles away from counting calories!

Stop Checking Those Annoying Calorie Counters!

Keeping this theory in mind, here are some simple tips to cut down on present weight. All you need to do is follow these tips for long-term success:

Sleep More!

Good news isn’t it? Experts feel that getting under the covers more often will result in accelerated weight loss. According to a study from the journal ‘Appetite’, it has been revealed that those who sleep more have a tendency to eat less than those who sleep less. Sleep deprivation may alter human brain and makes you crave more for higher-cal foods. Make sure your room is dark while you sleep. Interestingly, a study conducted by ‘An American Journal of Epidemiology’, it was revealed that women who sleep in lit rooms weigh more than those who sleep in the dark!

Manage Temptations

You need to tame your cravings and temptations when the will power dips. According to a study conducted by in Britain and Australia, it was revealed that the aptitude to resist temptation plays major role in weight loss process. The easiest way to handle food temptations right when willpower is low such as situations where you are tired and had a stressful day at work is to keep away from things that can increase your weight.

Weight Loss Without Counting Calories 1

Give Company to Your Friends

Eating with friends is known to be one of the best ways to lose weight. A study has revealed that people who exchange meaningful with loved ones tends to weigh less as compared to those who have food in front of television. Why? Well, chatting with friends and family makes one feel loved and important and less likely to find comfort in junk foods such as burgers, finger chips, pizza box etc.

You can’t Escape Water

You must have got tired of hearing this but there’s no solution. You must drink a lot of water to lose weight. Having water keeps you hydrated and avoids temptation to eat something when you are actually thirsty. The best part is that water is calorie-free. Hence, drinking a lot of water means you are not into other higher-calorie beverages such as juices, soda etc.

Work Out Outdoors

This is indeed based on another study wherein it has been revealed that people who exercise outside for a few minutes or days in a week are usually more active than those who workout indoors. So it is good to participate in some of the outdoor activities near your home such as yoga.

Red Plates

Surprised? Well, this is a visual trick health experts apply. Yes, choice of plate colour can definitely help you lose weight. A recent study has proved that volunteers who consumed ate from red plates had less food as compared to those who chose plates of other colours. The major reason behind this is that most of us associate the colour ‘red’ with ‘stop’. So the plate may subconsciously tell your brain that you are finished with your meal way before you actually do that.

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