Weight Loss Simple Tips

How to Reduce Calories with weight loss exercise

There are 3,500 calories in one pound of fat. Thus, if you cut back or work off just 3,500 calories, you will lose an entire pound of fat. While it is possible to cut back on your calorie intake and increase your exercise regimen in order to lose pounds quickly, it is important to note that doctors recommend that you lose no more than 2 pounds of weight per week in order to ensure that your body properly adjusts to the weight loss.

Here are some tips to help you safely drop 3,500 from your regular routine:


Running for about 1 hour at a slow pace will help you lose approximately 350 calories, depending on your body type, speed and terrain. Thus, if you run for one hour five days a week while maintaining a consistent diet, you will safely lose one pound.

It is important to understand that many people who just begin running will eat pasta and other foods high in carbohydrates in order to compensate for the exertion. They think that because they worked out so hard, they deserve a treat. After all, they justify, the pasta will help to keep their energy levels high.

However, what they may not realize is that while they are justified in thinking that the carbohydrates will infuse their workout routine with energy, they are not actually setting their bodies up to lose weight. When you burn 350 calories but intake 450 over a high-carbohydrate pasta dish, you are adding more calories to your body than you otherwise would have.

[box]Running does, however, help to boost our metabolism and change your muscle tone so that you burn calories more efficiently.

Instead of inhaling a pasta dish after a run, select instead to have a large salad and splurge for the carbohydrate-rich croutons.[/box]

Eat In

When you eat out at a restaurant, not only are you subjecting your body to an array of high fat, high calorie foods, but you are also tempting yourself to eat a larger portion than you might normally eat. Therefore, what could be a simple 500 calories meal can easily turn into a 1500-calorie fat fest. In order to lose weight by cutting calories, it is essential that you are aware of exactly what you are putting into your body. Especially in the beginning of your new routine, it is important that you prepare your meals and monitor your level of hunger.

When eating out, generally you are in a social situation where food is not a priority – but spending time with your friends is. For this reason, people tend to eat more than they normally would.

[box]Non-dessert eaters often even spring for the extra round of calories. If you must eat out, help yourself avoid temptation by selecting a salad rather than a plate of pasta or burger.

You will be amazed at the difference in the amount of calories you intake when you make simple choices such as meal option.[/box]

By reducing your overall calorie intake and increasing your level of physical activity, you will be able to lose those 3,500 calories without much trouble. Make sure that you stay focused, motivated and on task. You’ll shed unwanted weight in no time!


  1. Ive been loosing weight over the past few months. Now that I have a gym membership I was wondering what workouts are most efficient at weight loss. I go about 4 times a week. Thanks

  2. nothin_nyce1 says:

    I am trying to eat healthier, but I find it difficult! I’ve cut out things like chips and ice cream, and I’m eating whole wheat breads and pastas… Do you think if I cut out those drinks and just drink water, it would reduce my calorie intake and help me lose weight without going on a crazy diet?

  3. I’m female 5feet and 2inches and 133 lbs im trying to lose weight. I’m always on new medication off and on from my seizures so i have always struggled with maintaining my weight. Since I cant drive i do house cleaning and reduce my calorie intake to half every time i gain weight but it always comes back. My self-esteem is very low for this reason can anyone please help?

  4. I want to lose 30 lbs but most people who’ve lost weight on DDR play on expert/heavy.
    About how long will it take me to lose 30 lbs on difficult?
    I realize that a lot of different things factor into the rate of weight loss but I’m looking for a guesstimation.
    I’m assuming it will take me maybe 4 to 5 months with a reduced calorie diet.

  5. I am 15 and I weigh 54.1kg and my height is 175cm. I want to lose wight so I can become 50kg but also want to have a thigh gap. In order to lose weight I have reduced my calorie intake to 600 calories/day. What foods should I avoid in order to lose weight. What exercises would you reccomend, I’ve heard squats and lunges are good but other say its not… I am confused. I understand that not everyone can have a thigh gap,does it depend on having wide hips or not???
    P.s I am not trying to become anorexic or anything. And please don’t say that the weight I am aiming for is not healthy.
    Thanks 🙂

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