Would you like to find a combination diabetes obese natural treatment? There are several that claim you can all but eliminate your need for insulin and combat obesity at the same time. Some research and talking with your doctor when you find one that interests you is in order. Do not do anything without the consent of your doctor. You could make things worse for yourself if you do.

Diabetes affects approximately 20 million People in America and another 40 million are at risk for developing diabetes due to their lifestyle and eating habits. Sugar consumption for the average American tops 152 pounds per year. That’s a lot of sugar!

There have been known diabetes and obese natural treatment remedies around since ancient times. Ayurvedic medicine (the ancient tradition of India) gives us a choice of 44 natural treatments for controlling diabetes alone.

Natural treatments focus on making the body able to metabolize sugar more effectively. Some work alone to accomplish this and others are combined with several more herbal medications to make a ‘cocktail’ and when taken as directed by a naturopath (an alternative medicine physician) can lower blood glucose levels by a whopping 54 points. That is absolutely huge, especially if you are only borderline diabetic.

If you are a Type II diabetic, you may be able to significantly reduce the amount of insulin or oral diabetic medication you use, therefore saving you money. Since the medical treatment of Type II diabetes can run about $10,000 per year saving money can be a considerable benefit to your pocketbook.

When blood sugar usage is optimized in the body not only does the body use glucose more effectively, it also improves carbohydrate usage. More carb usage tells me two things, less carb storage and less weight around my middle. As weight decreases so does the risk for heart disease, high blood pressure, heart attack and stroke. Seems like herbal treatments would be a no brainer to me but I’m not a doctor nor am I a naturopath. I am a health care professional, though, and have seen the effects of diabetes on the human body and it is not pretty.

Diabetes affects every system of the body, causes blindness and severely decreases blood flow to the extremities. Diabetes also makes it harder for the body to heal itself, combined with decreased blood flow to the extremities can lead to what is called stasis ulcers on the legs that do not heal and can then lead to amputation of the limb. Not to mention all the blood glucose testing on your fingers that hurts like the dickens and if you are a Type II diabetic, all the insulin shots you either give yourself or get given to you by a health care professional several times a day.

It would be a good idea to do some research and talk to your doctor and maybe even a naturopath to get informed about a combination diabetes obese natural treatment.

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