Weight loss being a common concern among people across the globe, a lot of presumptions is associated to it. These super-common sayings have also affected people who wish to lose weight faster. Right from the importance of drinking water to daily breakfast regime and including fibre in diet, a lot has been said and written about weight loss regime. Most of us also tend to follow these saying blindly only to get disappointed in due course of time.

Studies and research has proved that there are a lot of things we need to stop believing in order to focus more on weight loss. Most of these claims lead to poor decisions.

How to Ignore Long Heard Perceptions ?

Listed below are some of the most common weight loss presumptions you need to stop believing in:

Believe in Slow Weight Loss

This is something you must have heard a million times especially each time you tried to discuss or retrieve information on weight loss process. It is believed that losing weight quickly will make it really hard for you to keep it off in the long run. Slow and steady weight loss is believed to be the healthy alternative. Sounds good but there isn’t much research to support this concept.

Bedtime Eating Gains Weight

This is another rule prevalent in weight loss industry. Everyone from newbies to the experienced ones must have heard about this. The rule bars one from consuming meals after 8 p.m. as eating close to this or bed time tends to play wreck with digestion. However, there’s no truth in this unless you plan to eat healthy. And for those who have gained weight having food near bedtime, they are simply consuming more calories every day as compared to those who don’t munch on anything past eight in the evening. More calories definitely tend to add up. So the only solution is to keep from having unhealthy fats and extra calories at bed time.

Weight-Loss Presumptions You Must Avoid

Daily Breakfast Prevents Obesity

This presumption has mixed results. Keeping energy levels at a fairly constant state every day prevents crashing and binging later during the day. However, if you aren’t really hungry, it definitely makes sense to wait until you are hungry. It is crucial to focus on signals your body is giving you to incorporate mindful eating. So, in case you are going to eat breakfast, simply make it count.

Snacking Causes Weight Gain

The weight gain presumption wasn’t born out of studies and research. This is because all of the weight-loss plans include snack-time as an integral part of the daily grind. The only thing you must consider here is mindful snacking. Focus on what your body is telling you. For instance, if it is telling you that a protein, healthy fat, or fiber-rich snack is what you require to last through the day, simply listen to it and have that snack.

Eat More Fruits and Vegetables to Expedite Weight Loss Process

Eating healthy foods will not alleviate the effect of unhealthy ones. So if you are still consuming a ton of empty calories besides your nutritious ones, then it is empty calories you have been snacking on.  Fruits and veggies should be supplemented with daily healthy food choices.

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