Ways to lose weight with Amla Indian Gooseberry

Amla, also known as Indian Gooseberry is one of the richest sources of Vitamin C. The beautiful round green fruit is sour in taste. It is loaded with anti-oxidants and possesses dynamic anti-aging properties.

The fruit finds its use in many ayurvedic medicines. Besides, amla oil is an important ingredient that works towards promoting hair growth. This is also the hidden hair growth secret of Indian women.

But did you know amla can be used for weight loss as well? Yes, the Indian gooseberry is very helpful in weight loss. Here’s how?

Using Indian Gooseberry for Weight Loss

Enhances Metabolism

The amla fruit is widely known to accelerate metabolism of proteins within the body. One of the major reasons for obesity is poor metabolism. Once you make successful efforts to enhance metabolism, you start burning more fat daily basis. Thus way, your overall weight loss process catches speed.

Simple Ways to Weight Loss with Indian Gooseberry (Amla)

Flushes Toxins

Amla is also very helpful in flushing out harmful toxins that have accumulated in your body over time. These toxins can slow down the functioning of the enzymes in the digestive system. A slow digestive system obstructs the process of digestion. Getting rid of toxins will help your food get digested better. This way, your body will get all off the nutrients from the body and waste is expelled fully.

Works as a Laxative

Amla is also a powerful laxative. It ensures relief from digestive problems such as constipation, even the chronic type. Once your bowel movement eases up, it gets easier for your body to lose weight.

Using Amla for Weight Loss

Amla Churna

You must have heard a lot about triphala medicine. It is an Ayurvedic medicine made from equal parts of bibhitaki, amla, and the haritaki fruits. Consuming the medicine or churna will accelerate the overall rate of weight loss.

Simple Ways to Weight Loss with Amla Indian Gooseberry

Amla Juice

If you can get fresh amla fruit, then give it a whizz it in a blender after removing the pit and cutting it. You can store this in a refrigerator. Now mix 1 part of the juice with 3 parts of water. You must have it every morning. The juice helps in easing bowel movement, but also strengthens your immunity. It will keep you active for the whole day. Drinking the juice the first thing in the morning will flush out all the toxins in your body and also gives you beautiful skin. If you cannot get access to the fresh fruit, you can buy unsweetened amla juice concentrate available easily on the market these days.

Easy Ways to Weight Loss with Amla Indian Gooseberry

Amla Fruit

If you can handle the sour taste of the fruit, then you must have it. Simply keep the fruit intact eat as a whole amla fruit first thing in the morning. This is difficult but helps you lose weight fast!

Dried Amla

This is available in the form of candy. Simply pop some in your mouth. It is very very helpful in controlling hunger pangs and promotes weight loss.

Easiest Ways to lose weight with Amla Indian Gooseberry

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