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Everyone dreams of losing weight without diet. This is one of the most loved goals of life. However, this doesn’t come easy.

If you are interested in losing weight without dieting, then it is important to know how to go about it.

There are ways to weight loss plan with simple lifestyle; no-diet, no-exercise tips while eating moderately.

Surprise your partner. Here are some suggestions to follow without even letting your beau know about it and you can lose weight in some months.

How to Lose Weight without Diet

Dance your Way to Good Health?

This is certainly one of the best ways lose those adamant kilos that stuck into your body. You simply need to move out and dance with the girls! This will help you lose pounds whilst having a good time with your friends. Another idea is to enjoy a crazy dance session within the privacy of your home. Experts feel that high tempo, high energy dances are awesome fun to do. This is not all. An hour of dancing will help burn off 400 to 500 Calories. To sum up, you need to indulge in light jogging on a running machine to burn calories but the same can be done while dancing and having fun!

weight loss -  without Exercise while dancing

Eat Slow

Rushing with food is one of the biggest mistakes one can make. Health experts always recommend eating slow and savouring each mouthful. This slow eating process will help you chew your food well and make reduce your calorie intake during mealtimes.

Eat slowly - Lose weight without Exercise

Lift Weights

If you wish to lose weight, then you need to get moving. So once you are in the gym, start lifting a set of weights. Make sure you lift heavier weights. This way, you are precisely testing your muscles in many innovative ways and increase workload on them from a wide range of angles. This will help you with balance, tone up and use up extra calories.

Lose weight without Exercise lifting bags or weights

Drink Less

This is about your glasses of alcohol. Here, you need to decrease the size of your wine glass dramatically. These are rich in calories and you would have tough time burning them later on. So try and use smaller wine glasses. This will help you shed additional twenty pounds within a year!

Drink less alcohol - Lose weight without Exercise

No Late Night Dinners

Eating late once in a while is fun. However, making it a habit will kill your health. It will make you gain a lot of weight! So give up on your habit of eating in front of TV late night. Eating late night makes your tummy bloated.

No Irregular late night dinners - Lose weight without Exercise

Crunchiest Foods to Lose Weight

The crunchier you get with food, the more you lose weight. So go for crunchy foods such as apples, carrots, and whole grains. These are the best foods to fill your plate. Crunchy fresh foods take longer to chew and contain a lot of fiber in them. This makes your digestive system work harder in order to process them. Hence, by eating more amounts of these foods, you will precisely burn more calories as you eat.

Crunchy foods - Lose weight without Exercise

Simple Healthy Food Choices

There’s absolutely no need to spend countless hours in the kitchen to prepare healthy low calorie foods. You can go for simple choices such as fruits and cereals for breakfast. For lunch, go for a bowl of soup with a plateful of salad, and walnuts. The dinner can comprise of varied types of vegetables and fruits for dessert.

Healthy foods - Lose weight without Exercise

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