Every woman is different and how quickly you lose weight after having a baby can vary greatly from one woman to another. Many woman will find that it is quite easy to
lose weight while breast feeding, but even so, make sure that your expectations are realistic otherwise you will set yourself up for disappointment and the last thing you need while caring for a newborn, is more stress.

While breast feeding can actually help many women lose weight more quickly due to the enormous amount of energy your body uses to provide not only you with the energy you need but also to make the milk for your baby too, you may not be one of them.

You need to be very careful at this time if you try to
lose weight while breast feeding because you don’t want to put to big a strain on your body. You have to make sure that you take in not only enough calories but enough nutrients as well otherwise you might lower your milk supply or even endanger your health.

Most experts recommend that new moms don’t do heavy duty workouts during the first two months after the baby is born. This is because after two months your body will have established the milk supply for your baby.

After that time, and with your doctors approval, the best course of action is to concentrate more on some moderate exercise rather than calorie cutting to lose weight. Again, you don’t want to do anything that will affect your production of milk for your baby.

Some moderate exercise (about 30 minutes 5 days a week) can be all a busy mother of a newborn needs in order to shed unwanted pounds, it’s probably all you will have the energy for too!

Unless there are complications, continue to breast feed your baby. Mothers who breast feed for more than 6 months usually lose more weight than mothers that either don’t breast feed at all or who breast feed for shorter amounts of time.

You must keep up your energy so, again, don’t try to cut calories as part of your weight loss while you are still breast feeding. Make sure you take in at least 1500 to 1800 calories a day, or whatever your doctor recommends.

When you are a breast feeding mother, it’s important that you take your weight loss slowly. Losing more than six pounds a month could put you or your baby at risk. Do not underestimate the toll that the pregnancy, the birth and breast feeding has taken on your body. It’s ok to be motivated to get back in shape, but don’t put your health at risk.

Some popular diet programs even have programs geared just for new moms which might make it easier for you. But make sure to talk to your doctor first and be prepared to take things slowly. It is possible to lose weight while breast feeding but it does have to be done carefully and with common sense.

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