If you in the process or about to being the process of reducing your body weight you will be interested in learning how to avoid stretch marks when losing weight.

The reason stretch marks form is due to the level of your skin’s elasticity. The more moisturized your skin is the more elasticity it has. This means it will stretch properly when pulled out by weight or gravity. Proper stretching of the skin includes it not creating a mark at a stress point from being stretched.

Keeping your skin properly moisturized is key in knowing to avoid stretch marks when loosing weight. When moisture is added to your skin’s surface and allowed to penetrate below the surface it is being correctly hydrated. You need to moisturize your skin daily to get the right results.

When skin is properly hydrated it can rebuild collagen. Healthy collagen forming in skin is what allows both stretch marks and wrinklies to be plumped up. This means grooves and marks on the skin lose their appearance or they do not form at all.

Just as important as to how often you hydrate your skin is what are using to hydrate your skin. There are several products on the market which claim they can reduced or prevent streach marks but they are really just snake oil. They may have some of the ingredients you need to correctly hydrate skin such a essential oils but they usually do not carry enough to show any results when used.

You want to hydrate your skin with pure fill concentrate essential oils. You will wan to go to your local health foods store and contain aloe vera, vitamin E, and jojoba oil. Once you get these oils rub the into your skin everyday so the moisture and healing properties of these oils can penetrate deep below your skins surface. Be sure to do this to prevent stretch marks while losing weight to prevent future stretch marks.

Other steps you will want to take in the battle against stretch marks is being sure to drink enough water each day. If you are on a weight loss program then you should be drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day. This practice will not only help you lose weigh but it will aid in hydrating skin from the inside.

Since you are already eating healthy for the cause of weight loss you it should be easy for you to incorporate healthy foods into your diet which will moisturize your skin from the inside. Foods you will want to eat to stop stretch marks from forming while losing weight are raw fruits, nuts,and vegetables.

Taking vitamin E supplements will go long way in the prevention of stretch marks during weight loss. This is because vitamin E is a natural skin repairing element. BY taking vitamin E your are pumping up your skins ability to repair and prevent damage such as stretch marks.

Be sure to stick with a skin care routine to prevent the formation of stretch marking wile experiencing weight loss. Your diligence and patience will result in beautiful, smooth skin.

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