how i lost my weight confession

How I lost weight is a story I like to share with all wherever I go to in the hope that men and women will believe and act upon the truism that what the mind can conceive, it can achieve. I lost weight because I wanted to do that. Infact, I had to lose weight because my health was in danger and I wanted also to look different than I was then appearing. My age mates were all looking 10 years my junior and I had to do something about how I looked. I believed I would shed some pounds if I tried hard enough so I took action based on a weight loss plan I had already conceived in my mind.

A change in my diet, a little bit of exercising, a natural herbal-based weight loss product and the will to look better helped me achieve my desire to shed some pounds. Many obese persons have failed in their desire to lose weight because they did not have enough reasons to want to reduce their size. Others failed in their fight with obesity because they were not motivated enough to give obesity treatment all it takes. I paid the price and I am now reaping the benefits of a regimented weight loss plan.

I am now looking better and feeling greater than I have ever been in my entire life thanks to the decision and action I took to fight obesity and change the way I looked. I have not yet achieved my desired weight but nobody ever calls me fatso again. I have even started participating in basketball games without dropping out every 3 minutes to drink water and rest for 5 minutes.

I had always been chubby and overweight since my infancy. Many attributed it to genetics disorder since my other siblings are not fat like me. I did not have an opinion concerning the reason for my overweight state. I only wanted to look like other children and be able to do all they were doing without getting overly tired even before the games began.

Prior to commencing my weight loss plan, I carried out research on the internet with the aim of finding a program that could help me lose weight and feel good on my own terms. I could not find a suitable weight loss plan. What I actually had in mind was a program that would enable me:

  • Maintain my current diet and still lose weight;
  • Exercise a little daily [I hate to admit that I am lazy];
  • Take a natural weight loss supplement that is also an appetite suppressant that can bind dietary fat;
  • Modify my diet a little by adding more fruits and uncooked vegetables;
  • Eat my cake [white bread] and have it [reduced weight].

I could not find such a weight loss program on the internet so I designed mine. Many people I talked to about it thought I could not do it on my own. But I did it and I am still following the program. I was motivated to follow through with the program because I set it up myself and was solely responsible for the success or failure of my plan. I did not make my weight loss plan very elaborate; on the contrary, I made it so simple that it would not be a burden fulfilling it each day.

I am gradually reducing my size and excess fat and having a good time. Design your own weight loss plan and stick with it until you achieve success like I have done with mine.

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