21 Incredible Ways to Lose Weight 1

Confused about how to lose weight? Well, you must have read a huge number books and articles on how to losing weight. But regardless of all, most women end up end up doing nothing eventually.

There are many reasons behind this. Some of these include lack of direction, expert tips, practical ideas, and will power. Will power is something you must take care of.

How to Lose Weight in 21 Simple Ways

But if you are lacking ideas, listed below are 31 best tips to lose ways effectively:

1. Strike the Balance

Finding the right balance is the key to lose weight. You’d be distracted by a huge number of fad diets, out there, low fat, juice diet, high protein diets and a lot more. But trying everything too soon and giving up on things will not give you results. You need to make a healthy lifestyle change and lose weight by eating healthy. The rule is:

Split your plate into 4 quarters and fill –

  • ½ of the plate with fruits and vegetables
  • ¼ with carbohydrates
  • ¼ with healthy proteins and fats

2. Eat More

Starving or crash dieting is no solution. This is the unhealthiest way to lose weight. Miracle foods may kill you more than making you lose weight. For instance, grapefruit, bottle gourd juice, and karela juice etc. are not good for health. These foods create a number of deficiencies in the body, instant weight loss, cranky behaviour, lethargic attitude, etc.

3. The Weight Loss Rule

Do you know about the weight loss rule? It says: –

  • 70% Diet
  • 30% Exercise

So there’s no way you can escape exercise. But exercise doesn’t mean you don’t need to do anything else. Exercise works when combined with healthy low fat diet.

4. Don’t Hog

Most people take advantage of exercising and eat whatever they want. Hogging after exercising makes no sense. Hogging on food just because you burned a lot of calories will make you gain a lot of weight.

5. Indulge in Activities

Hate exercise? Well, don’t join a gym or run every day of the week. All you need to do is go for something that’s interesting. Join dance classes, aerobics, swimming, cycling, or any other hobby that makes you sweat and enjoy.

6. Find a Companion

This is one of the best ways to lose weight. Having a partner or companion by your side will help you stay consistent with your goal.

6.1 Join Community

It really helps to join an online weight loss community. This will inspire you to keep yourself updated and ensure share your updates. Moreover, you will meet more people to share your problems and even sailing in the same boat. So try joining forces with them as soon as possible.

7. Progress Pictures

This is something you must look forward to. When you plan to lose weight, take pictures of yourself from all angles. Thereafter, you must keep taking progress pictures as the weeks pass by. Your scales may lie but pictures don’t. Comparing progress photos will help you know about how your efforts have been faring.

8. Music

For a heavy workout routine, it is always good to listen to your favourite music. Concentrate on the music and you will love your workout. Also think about what you gain in the long run.

9. Realistic Goals

You must set realistic weight goals. If you expect losing about 12-15 kilos in a month, it is impossible! It took time for you to pile up this weight. So it is natural that your body will take some time to lose it as well.

10. Stick to a Diet

Once you find something good for yourself, especially the diet, just stick to it. Following a routine will help you lose weight in the best possible manner without affecting your health.

21 Incredible Ways to Lose Weight

11. Sleep Well

This is important. You need good amount of sleep to be able to lose significant amount of weight. Being sleep deprived will make you suffer a lot. Your body needs it in complete order to be in good shape.

12. Calorie Limit

You should try and eat within a calorie limit right for your body composition. You can speak tp a professional to ensure you are doing just the right thing.

13. Healthy Food

Try consuming good number of fiber rich food such as green vegetables and fruits. This will help you feel fuller for longer. This keeps your digestive system in good shape.

14. New Recipes

To be able to stay in track, you need to learn exciting recipes. This will make low fat and healthy food interesting too. This way, you will be able to stick to your regimen. Restricting yourself from eating food you love will make you crave for it too. So, don’t punish yourself.

15. Chew Well

There are many things that matter apart from what you eat. You must chew your food well prior to actually taking it down your mouth. So learn to chew for around 21 times in your mouth.

16. Drink More Water

Drinking more water is important to lose weight quick. Water is required by the body to run smoothly. It also needs water to restore exhausted muscles. Water keeps the body hydrated provides you with enough stamina and energy to while working out. Hence, you should always stay hydrated.

17. Don’t Hate Yourself

This is where most people make mistake. They just don’t accept they will mess up. So if you have just started off with a weight loss mission, you will make mistakes. After all, to err is human! So if you cheat at times or happen to give into your cravings, just forgive yourself.

18. Get Set Go!

Don’t leave everything once you make a mistake. You need to get up, muster up courage and start off with the mission again.

19. Give Yourself Some Time

Don’t give up if you see the results coming late. Things take time. You may consider changing your workout routine, diet or speaking to a professional for the same.

20. Be Positive

To be able to lose weight fast, you must believe you can. Practicing optimism will definitely help you reach the toughest goals in life.

21. Consistency is Key

Nothing can be achieved if you don’t practise consistency. Exercise daily and follow a healthy, low fat nutritious diet without fail.

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