Irrespective of your gender, your face is the main part of your body that requires the most grooming. It is our face that people see first. Men’s skin care has grown to be a vital part of the men’s daily lives today. Quite a few brands cater specifically to men and they offer a wide range of men’s facial care products. These products are designed exclusively for men and include men’s shave cream, men’s face wash and men’s lip balm.

The first men’s skin care product a man should buy is a good face wash. Fean and Companys’ EverClear Facial Cleanser is an alpha hydroxy face wash. Feans’ Facial Cleanser formula includes three alpha hydroxyl acids; lactic acid from (vegan) milk, malic acid from apples and glycolic acid from sugar cane which help remove dirt and extra oils from the skin . This men’s face wash prepares your skin for the use of a men’s shave cream by making the surface of your skin smooth. It cleanses your skin deeply and removes the dirt as well as dead skin cells so that your shave is less irritating. Since your razor can get closer to your skin the probability of razor burn is much lower. Using a men’s face wash on a regular basis also puts an end to in-grown hairs by opening pores that may have been congested.

The next thing that should be a part of your men’s skin care routine is a men’s shave cream. A good men’s shave cream will have hydrating micro particles that safeguard the skin against razor burn. They get rid of the possibility of ingrown hairs and nourish the skin with the help of Vitamin A and Vitamin E. Some have Aloe Vera and Eucalyptus to give you that close and comfortable shave, a perfect blend that protects you from cuts and nicks. Other shaving creams rob your skin of its natural oils leaving it dry and sore. For best results you should shave with Fean and Co’s Microbeard directly after a warm shower, or simply use warm water on your face. This will help soften stubble, which makes shaving easier.

Besides the men’s shave cream, another men’s skin care product to consider is lip balm SPF 30. Fean and Company offers the highest quality lip balm available. Supplemented with superior quality antioxidants and skin conditioners, this balm is the perfect solution for soothing dry and chapped lips. Unlike waxy sticks, this type of balm is quick to penetrate and give relief instantly. It provides broad spectrum sun protection with an SPF of 30 and guards against extreme temperature. It is dermatologist tested and free from colorants. It also contains natural mint to help freshen the breath.

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