Who among us does not want to have the healthiest and most beautiful hair and skin possible? We can use the best hair and skin care products, but if the water we use for showering or bathing is full of impurities, then we are not helping ourselves achieve our goal.

This is because the water that comes through the shower head is likely to contain chlorine, a substance that authorities add to the water supply to kill harmful viruses, bacteria, and mold. Unfortunately, this substance can also bring about a number of problems.

For one thing, it can encourage dryness in your skin and hair. It makes your hair strands brittle, causing them to become more prone to splitting and breaking. As for your skin, you probably already know that loss of moisture leads to dryness, which can then lead to premature wrinkling.

Bad as it sounds, it is only the surface of the problem. By-products of chlorine, including certain volatile organic compounds, can give rise to more serious health problems. Remember that when you take a hot shower or bath, your pores open wider. When this happens, the chemicals in your water are absorbed into your body by your skin.

This is especially alarming if you have young children, older people, or people with weak immune systems living at home. Their bodies are not as efficient as those of typical adults when it comes to dealing with the harmful effects of toxins.

This is why shower water filters are undoubtedly among the most important bathroom fixtures you can have in your home. High-quality filters are effective when it comes to chlorine removal, as well as the removal of other contaminants.

You are left with only clean and pure water, water that retains the minerals your skin and hair need for a healthy pH balance.

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