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Acne vulgaris, or commonly known as acne, is a skin problem that may begin when you are approaching to your teenage. It usually occurs as a result of clogged skin’s pore. Skin’s pores are clogged by oil and dead skin cells. Pimples, whiteheads and blackhead are the different variations of acne. Acne is commonly found in an individual’s face, neck, chest, shoulders or at the back.

Acne is prevalent among teens and young adults; however, children can also be affected with acne. It may initiate at any time in life and may persist for even life time. The concentration and location of acne greatly varies individual to individual. For some individual, it is appeared in particular time in a year, whereas for some individual it can be seen throughout the year. The acne may range from mild to severe.

An individual suffering from acne problem for prolonged period of time may undergo through low self-esteem and depression problem. So an overall attention is needed to sort out the problem. In most of the cases, an appropriate acne skin care along with prescribed medication can only show the positive result. This article focuses on different arenas of acne skin care and their corresponding benefits.

Acne Skin Care Tips

Be Gentle with Your Skin

Oil and dead cells are responsible for producing acne on your skin. So you should wash your skin regularly with mild cleanser or mild soap. You should use the soap with a perfect pH balance, say pH7.0. You need to wash your face area starting from below the jaw to the hairline. Many of us become so desperate in order to get rid off acne that they use either harsh detergent soap on the skin or rough scrub pads.

But none of these can really improve acne problem, rather then to make it more badly. In such case, rather being desperate on your skin, it is better that you should seek expert’s guidance. Most of us bring the skin problem just not washing it thoroughly after using soap on skin. It is the granule of the soap that also makes the skin pores clogged and creates problems whatsoever. Thereby the first phase of acne skin care is gentle but thorough washing of skin.

Next important step of course includes using regular shampoo on hair. Many dermatologists recommend using shampoo everyday to wash your hair. Hair lice and dandruffs can also cause various skin problems including acne. So washing hair on a regular basis should be an integral part of acne skin care.

Be Careful at the Shaving Time

Acne is common among both of the gender. If you are a guy, you should implement precautions during shaving time. Whether you use an electric shaver or a razor, you should be very careful. Before your shaving, it is strongly recommended that you should apply plenty of water and soaps on your beard to make it soften. Then smoothly use the shaver so that no further damages occur on the skin.

Be Careful about Touching the Skin

Almost all of us have a tendency to touch the area where the problem is. Suppose your finger got scratched with knife, notice that how frequently you are touching the scratched area! This is our general tendency. We can observe the same thing in the case of acne. Some people even believe that squeezing or popping the zits may help it to get removed. But this is a myth. This can make the situation worsen. If you are truly serious about your problem, please remember that you should not pop up pimple. This is essential to acne skin care.

Be Reluctant about Using Sunburn

Again a myth, that says that sunburn or tanning can offer benefits against acne. This is not true. This does not have any long term benefit. It can only serve the purpose on a short term basis. Rather there is an increased risk with sun exposure such as skin ageing and skin cancer. So these products are not at all the part of acne skin care.

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