In alternative medicine acne is not necessarily seen as a disease of the skin. In this world of holistic approaches are the ways to go. By this theory acne is more related to an efficient digestive system does more than just skin. This basic principle means that the skin is seen as a part of the mechanism that helps get rid of harmful toxins from the body. The focus, therefore, changes on the creation of a viable digestive system that will eliminate toxins through the kidneys and liver. Obviously the most important factor here is diet.

There are many voices out there who say that acne is not anything that the body’s reaction to an overdose of carbohydrates and sugar. The basis for this claim lies in the fact that acne is a disease found mainly in the western world. It is clear that the reasons for the sudden outbreak of acne should fit into the lifestyle. Among the culprits diet and sedentary habits are mostly to blame.

In alternative medicine acne treatments are called differently. There is much literature in this area, but most of them depend on the creation of a balanced, low in calories, usually kind of vegetarian diet. It is a custom enough to create a holistic approach that includes some type of psychological treatment or some type of motivational techniques.

To return to alternative medicine diet advice would be a gross understatement though. There are also options that are very similar to those offered by traditional medicine and even some treatments offered by alternative medicine has crossed borders and are now recognized as a viable treatment methods.

Now let’s take a closer look at what exactly the alternative medicine has to offer. It is clear that the priorities are invoked first to create a balance between self organizations. This is achieved by setting the right conditions for the body to heal from the inside out. Carefully designed vitamin increases, the elimination of the slow digestion of food, the definition of an appropriate schedule for meals. All these are part of the treatment. Of course, in addition to diet, there are herbal remedies.

The type of activism and aura surrounding alternative medicine also has another dimension. The politician to be exact, currently a worrying trend can be easily observed. There is a new “management” approach to medicine and patients are now seen as customers. This makes doctors in nothing more than sellers. The truth hits if you look at the problem this way is the fact that pharmaceutical companies have absolutely no reason to study diets as there is an end product sales. Basically drug companies would be bankrupt if everyone were healthy, so the approach is now to eliminate the effects of a disease rather than curing it. A chronic patient is a loyal customer. I’m not the first to make this chain of deduction. This is perhaps the reason why I recommend alternative medicine. They want you healthy, because you see the agenda behind this type of activism is radically different from the pharmaceutical companies. What you’re being sold is not a mere drug, but a lifestyle, a healthy one to be precise.

The activism displayed above is just one wing in the largest vegetarian movement, but there are some other areas, with a little more humble agenda. Herbal medicines are 100% safe and it has absolutely no side effects.

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