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Skin irritations are uncomfortable and cause us to feel sensitive to others’ glances. People who have to deal with skin rashes really want to find ways to resolve it. There are many causes for skin eruptions including bacterial, viral, fungus infections, allergic reactions and underlying illnesses. Insect bites can also cause rashes as can exposure to poison ivy.

A yeast infection skin irritation can also be found in the mouth and this is characterized by white patches on the inside of the cheeks and the tongue of the affected person. As with all yeast infections this type of skin irritation can be painful and quite unsightly.

The spectrum of skin irritation runs from a mild rash along the perimeter of the mask skirt to complete breakdown of the skin, especially on the bridge of the nose, leading to an ulcerated condition. The problem that many CPAP users face is related to a cycle that starts with over-tightening of the mask in order to achieve a better fit. When a CPAP user does not achieve a good seal they begin to over-tighten the mask which then results in more abrasion against the skin along the perimeter of the mask skirt. In addition, the build-up of facial oils, dirt and perspiration contribute to an increase in skin irritation.

Skin Irritation and Its Causes

Skin irritation is reaction to a particular irritant that results in inflammation of the skin and itchiness.People who consume fish oil capsules and other omega 3 supplements on a regular basis have a clear and glowing skin as compared to those who are fatty acid deficient.

In addition to this, people who have acne and other skin problems should check with a doctor and start consuming fish oil pills. They are often diagnosed with omega 3 fatty acids deficiency. Fish oil in its raw form is not easy to consume since it tastes and smells very bad. Fish oil capsules are made with refined and filtered fish oil which is often totally tasteless and odorless.

Skin Irritations And Its Causes

Skin Irritation due to Eczema

Eczema is another cause of chronic irritation and affects millions of individuals. Eczema simply means a dry skin which is itchy. The condition usually starts at an early age and continues throughout life. The major complaint of people who suffer from eczema is an itchy dry skin. Sometimes, the itching will be associated with a skin rash. The affected areas are always dry, scaly, reddish and may ooze sometimes. Eczema cannot be cured, but its symptoms can be controlled. One should use moisturizers, cold compresses and avoids frequent hot showers. There are over the counter corticosteroids creams which can be applied. Sometimes, an antihistamine has to be used to prevent the chronic itching sensations. There are also many individuals who have allergies to a whole host of substances like nuts, hair, dander, plants and fabrics. For these individuals, even the minimal exposure can lead to a full blown skin rash, itching, wheezing and coughing. Unfortunately, other than avoidance, there is no other cure. There are allergy shots which can help desensitize against an allergen but often the results are poor and the treatments are expensive. Most of these individuals with chronic irritation from allergens usually need to take anti histamines or use a bronchodilator to relieve symptoms.

Skin Irritations And Its Causes

Skin Irritation due to Intertrigo

Another common irritation disorder in females is intertrigo. This disorder is associated with chronic irritation under folds of skin. This is typically seen under large breasts, groins and folds of the abdomen in obese individuals. Candida quickly grows in warm moist areas of these folds and presents as a chronic itch. Over time, the skin becomes red and often oozes. Perspiration is also a chronic type of irritation which can be very annoying. Besides being socially unacceptable, sweat stain the clothes and can present with a foul odor. In some individuals, the warm moist areas often become easily infected. The best way to treat excess sweating is good hygiene, frequent change of clothes and use of deodorants/antiperspirants.

Skin Irritations And Its Causes

Skin Irritation due to Vagina Itches

One of the most common areas of the body associated with irritation is the vagina. Many women complain of an itch, dryness, or discharge in the perineum at some point in their lives. There are several causes of vaginal irritation including fungal vaginitis (like candida) or trichomoniasis. Often, herpes simplex infection of the mouth or genitalia can be recurrent and prove to be extremely irritating. Sometimes, the irritation can be of the chronic type and it can be so intense that it also causes painful intercourse. Aside from infections, chronic irritation of the vagina may be related to the use of contraceptives and condoms made from latex.

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The majority of contraceptives are made of synthetic chemicals which can induce allergies, rash and itching. Sometimes the lubricant used for intercourse may cause irritation. Another cause of irritation in women is post menopausal vaginitis. The decline in the female sex hormones leads to development of dryness and itching in the vagina. This is often accompanied by painful sexual intercourse. Cracks and tears often develop on outer aspects of the labia which becomes red from chronic scratching. Post menopausal vaginitis can be treated with short term use of vaginal estrogen pessary and use of a moisturizer.

Sometimes our skin reacts to the dirt in the environment that settles on the skin. Your skin doesn’t have to be visibly dirty in order to be affected by the pollution in the air. Rashes can appear if this is neglected. If you notice that your skin is susceptible to environmental soil, you need to be more diligent with cleaning your skin. Wash with mild cleansers and pat it dry.

Following recommendations in your sensitive skin care regimen

  • Wear clothing made from cotton and other natural fabrics that “breathe.” If you need to wear synthetics, make sure you wash them several times to minimize the risk of skin irritation.
  • Do you do laundry or wash dishes the old-fashioned way? Then protect your hands from chemicals in cleaning agents by using wash gloves. Consider also using cotton liners inside your gloves (since the rubber can irritate your skin).
  • Shaving can be a hassle for people with sensitive skin. No matter which part of your body you shave — your face, legs, armpits, bikini area — you should always make sure you use a sharp razor because a blade that is dull will not only give a bad shave, it will irritate your skin as well.

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