The modern women in today ‘s world manages both her career and as well as family. This is especially in the case of people living in the city, where human skin gets exposed to lot of pollution. Every time you step out of your houses you need special protection for your skin. These dangers may ruin the natural look of the skin leaving it with ugly scars, pimples, spots. So you need a follow some easy skin care regimen.

First step in skin care is using a cleanser. Cleansing can be done with face wash or scrub or milk. They go deep in the skin removing all the impurities. It is recommended to use a cleanser twice a week.

You can also use a toner. This refreshes your skin. In case you have an oily skin it absorbs the excess oil from your skin. Moisturizing creams provide intense moisturizing and helps prevents further moisture loss. Different types of moisturizers are used for day or night times. When you are shopping for a day moisturizer, buy one which is light on the skin as well as one with sun protection. For a night moisturizer go for the one which nourishes and recharges your skin.

The skin on your lips requires extra care too to keep away from dryness and cracking which at times would lead to bleeding. To keep away from this, use a good lip balm.

To keep your hands soft apply a generous amount of cream on them. In case you are washing vessels wear rubber gloves. Hands if exposed to sun can lead to tanners of the skin. This can be prevented by wearing gloves of again by using a sun protection cream.

A wild variety of these products are available in the market. Big malls have all of these products. You can   try all of these at the mall with proper advice and guidance from the   beautician.

Apart from all these you should always drink enough water and include fruits and green-leafy vegetables as a regular part of your diet.

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