Getting ready for that next vacation? Are you packing the bags and trying to decide what to take – especially when it comes to skin care? There is no need to despair. You can look fabulous during this vacation season with a few simple techniques and reminders. Here are some tips to get your skin ready for a relaxing time away from home – and to keep the cosmetic bag as light as possble.

A little makeup magic to make breakouts disappear

The right makeup and application technique can camouflage the redness that accompanies acne. To help counteract the redness in the skin, apply green based primers first and follow this up with a non comedogenic or mineral makeup matching your skin. A light dusting of powder would be great for the finish. At the end of the night, do remember to clean up all traces of makeup from your face.

Teen boys and men can use tinted acne medications. The flesh tinted products will help to tone down redness and naturally blend into the skin.

Ultra dry skin

If you have a dry or flaking skin, even the best makeup will look unattractive. During winter months, dry skin is common. Use oil free moisturizers to ward off dryness and keep your skin soft and supple.  Skin care for working women has a tendancy to either be on the oily or dry side.  Working in office environments or outside can either lead to dryness or increased sebaceous gland oil production.  Spending time away from work on vacation can bring these problems to the forefront.  This is a good time to focus on fixing or addressing these problems.

Clothing colors

Carefully choose your clothing colors. Reds certainly look festive during the holiday season, but if you have acne, this may not be the color for you. If you have a red shirt and skin that is already inflamed, it can intensify the redness of the skin. Red based colors like pink, burgundy etc also have the same characteristics. To keep the redness of the skin under check, green, silver, or gold can be equally festive in appearance.

Holiday stress

Stress is a common occurrence during the holiday season, particularly with the number of obligations cropping up around this time of the year. But, stress can also sometimes worsen your acne problem. A happier holiday season can be ensured by managing stress and if you can make it a point to soothe tension that would also help ward off an increase in breakout activity of your acne. Managing stress would also enhance the quality of your holiday since a stressed out mindset can potentially create avoidable problems in your holiday mood.


Even during holidays and vacation, pimples can happen. The best way is not to stress about them and instead obtain spot treatment products that contain salicylic acid or sulfur. These ingredients can greatly help in speeding up healing of the blemish and bring down inflammation. A treatment mask containing these ingredients can also be helpful. They soothe the skin, calm inflammation and speed up healing.

Keeping your complexion fresh, clean and clear is a top priority when traveling.  Vacations and holidays are meant to be relaxing.  Ease your skin care concerns with a few well targetd treatments and enjoy your time-off.

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