Clean Skin Is Happy Skin

One simple way to take care of your skin is to keep it clean. Keeping your hands clean is especially important because your hands can spread germs to the skin on other parts of your body.

When Washing Your Hands, use water that’s comfortably warm. Wet your hands, then lather up with a mild soap. You should lather and rub everywhere, including the palms, the wrists, between the fingers, and under the nails. Rinse well, dry thoroughly with a clean towel, and you’re done!

How to Take Care of Skin?

Our skin must be cleaned regularly in order to maintain a good complexion. Do you know that unclean skin favors the production of pathogenic organisms?

Yes, it happens. Unfortunately as we grown old, our skin ages and cause it to becomes thinner and prone to external damage.

If you want to live longer, you should start young and do something about it now. Living with skin cancer are not the best ways of living your life to the fullest as it will disrupts your lives. Nowadays, many skin care product have facial moisturizers with sun protection.

Sunscreen is the real fountain of youth. Get into the habit of applying sunscreen or a lotion with minimum SPF 15 to 30 protection daily. Remember the sun’s rays can still be damaging in winter months as it reflects off snow.

Washing your face with plain refrigerated yogurt every night makes most acne cases vanish within a few days. Yes I know that sounds weird but it works, truly!

Use homemade masks to moisturize your skin. They’re easy to make, and they really work!

Avoid direct heat on the face-including that from blow dryers.

Always use a mild, oil-based moisturizer under makeup to help retain surface moisture.

Guard against the drying, aging effects of the sun by using makeup products that contain a sunscreen.

Once every two weeks, stimulate the circulation and smooth the surface of the skin by using a nondrying mask.

Protect your skin with sunscreens. Avoid getting tanned. If you are under treatment for acne, consult your doctor about sun exposure as some medicines make your skin more sensitive to sun.

Do not pick acne. Trying to squeeze out blackheads or whiteheads may lead to further infection. Picking up acne at second stage may lead to scarring

Skin Type

Combination skin:

Most of us have this kind of skin, with an oily center area or a T-zone across the forehead, nose, and chin, and areas of dryness on the cheeks, and around the eyes and neck. Ideally, you should have one product for the oily areas and one for the dry areas, but this is expensive and unnecessary unless the areas of dry and oily are very different. It’s simpler to use a cleanser designed for combination skin. Use a skin cleanser for the central oily panel, diluted with water for the drier areas. The drier areas may or may not need moisturizing frequently. You may have to experiment a bit.

Best skincare routine for combination skin

The T-zone tends to need more attention than the drier areas of the face. Look for gentle cleansers and moisturizers that will work to keep it under control.

Look for cleansers suitable for combination skin. A deep-pore cleanser will help to keep the oily T-zone clear. In the summer, an antibacterial soap will help to keep bacteria in check and prevent problems in the T-zone.

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