A common presumption is that City life is detached. The hordes on the subways and the steel modules that cruise the track roads, the humungous serpentine maze and the in villainous milestones, all lead to nowhere. Forget the sweltering heat, a city is all cold concrete and glass. Maybe that explains the incredible murder rate. Lots of mental illness is down here. The year’s people spend working off the anxieties of City life through sweat and blood never gets paid off, ever. This culminates into the stress and life gets traumatic. The outcome is several diseases and disorders of human body, which are hard to recover.

Harsh lifestyle and busy routine leads to nonchalance in terms of body pampering. This is on account of highly ambitious mindset that every third youth on the brink encapsulates every now and then. How would then they get a spare time to spend on such ludicrous thoughts? After all grooming is a synonym of vanity, which in turn is considered to be a symbol of ‘narcissism’ or a mental disorder, since times unlimited. Such myths and trivial action of people lead to indifference and carelessness. People find an excuse to defend their insouciance. Cool and composed people exist and try to follow ‘body worship’ ritual, but they are considered to be garish, in turn. Perhaps those people who shout these accusations are the real miscreants. Without any rime or reason they label a certain class of people as gaudy.

Human body is an asset to reckon with. It is a valuable endowment given to us by the grace of almighty. To maintain this asset for a long tenure, don’t let it be a liability on your skull. Conserve it my dear! Nourish it! Pamper it! Preen it! Worship your silhouette. Your visage is your passport to life. Every person in the world has his own discreet passport, so is the face of a person, unless there are some very strict exceptions to this rule. There are different skin types and different complexions based on race and region.

Male and female skin condition differs in three critical ways –

1. Female skin is soft and delicate in contrast to the tough and rugged skin of men.

2. Harsher outdoor routine of men gives them less room for a fairer skin unlike women.

3. Rough skin with stubble leads to the formation of a darker and malign complexion for men.

Based on various skin types and complexions, beauty products needs to be chosen and adopted. The basic purpose of a product is to exfoliate the dead and dry cells and rejuvenate the skin. But cosmetics do the contradictory in turn. Besides merits they cause irreparable side effects to the skin. So apart from carefully choosing a cosmetic for the skin, recalling its side effects, one must never forget the fact that a fertilizer erodes soil like never before. Contrary to this a bio-manure rejuvenates the nutrients and nourishes the soil just like Mother Nature would do.

Indeed! …….. Inspite of going for or running behind the run-of-the-mill harmful chemical cosmetics, one should opt for alternative therapy. That is, ‘natural skin care’, viz., taking care of body skin naturally, totally, and cosmetic-free.

Instead of calling ‘natural skin care’ to be an alternative or a substitute, we can label it as ‘mainstream’. And why not? Tell me any cosmetic that doesn’t have a substitute in nature. To start with, here are the basic and elementary home remedies which would serve as a ‘natural skin care’ regimen for your beloved body, absolutely free of cost! Believe it or not?

Natural Skin Care Tips:

1. Turmeric is used as a natural healing agent.

2. Raw milk is a natural skin cleanser.

3. Neem or Margosa is a natural disinfectant.

4. Limestone again is a natural healer.

5. A combination of vegetable oil and salt serves a body scrub. Give me the name of any other body scrub that is so cheaply and easily available?

6. Similarly lime juice mixed with sugar can be rubbed on dark zones of the body.

7. Mustard oil on the other hand mixed with table salt can be used to shine your teeth and remove gum problems.

8. A slice of cucumber on your eyes provides instant relief from lethargy.

9. Papaya pulp is the most effective and instant face scrub.

10. Tomato puree is an effective skin lightening agent.

11. Egg white can be used as a face pack against wrinkles.

12. Mint leaves can be used as mouth cleanser.

And so on, and so forth………… But bottom line is that there are no side-effects attached to these ‘natural skin care’ based therapies. So what’s up? What are you waiting for? Go for it! Even if you don’t gain anything, it’s a win-win situation. Because there are no side-effects. You won’t be penalized either. Take my word for that! And mind you! Never ever would you again visit your nearby departmental store and empty your wallets on the name of being a literate (skin-caring) person, or just for the sake of buying it as a fad. Your kitchen shelves are waiting for you dear! Open up the bottles and do your stuff.

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