There are lots of skin care myths out there. Some of them are based upon fact, while others are just plain comical. Have you ever wondered about skin care myths? Below, you will find some of the most outlandish myths out there…and you may even come across one or two that aren ‘t myths at all.

Let ‘s begin with beloved chocolate. Many people believe that chocolate makes the skin break out. Not only is this a cruel way to think about chocolate, it is also…you guessed it…a myth. The truth is that food doesn ‘t make your skin break out in any manner. While some people believe that the skin will absorb food, this simply isn ‘t true.

Some things that will make your face break out include: stress, steroids, poor quality skin care creams; or creams that block pores. Now, on to that next myth: tanning. A lot of people believe that tanning will help to clear up acne. This just isn ‘t the case. In fact, tanning is so bad for your skin…it actually damages your skin more than it helps your skin.

The only way that a tan will help to hide your acne is if you burn your skin. Then, the red color from that burn may actually hide any acne scarring. Of course, this will lead to skin cancer, so it ‘s really not recommended. Speaking of tanning…another great myth is the one that goes something like this: “if I use a stronger sunscreen, I can stay in the sun for a longer period of time.”

This, of course, isn ‘t true. You shouldn ‘t spend any lengthy amount of time in the sun if you want to avoid skin damage. The best course of action is to use a sunscreen with an ingredient called Parsol. The most important thing is to make sure that the sunscreen you do use has UVB protection included in it. Otherwise, your skin will simply burn.

Let ‘s talk about lips for a moment. There is a rumour floating around out there that it is possible to become addicted to lip balm if you use it too often. Once again, this isn ‘t true. If you find that you have dry lips often, think about the number of times that you lick them. Licking your lips will cause them to dry out…but lip balm does not cause any kind of lip addiction.

See how silly some of these skin myths can be? So, the next time that someone tells you not to eat spicy food because…it will make you break out, tell them that you know better than to believe skin myths. The truth is that knowing all you can about your skin is the only way to protect it. If you aren ‘t sure about something you heard about skin, make sure to do your research.

The good news is that there are lots of great skin resources out there to choose from. When you want to know something about your skin, all you have to do is look for the answer. Skin may seem hard to understand with all of that false information floating around out there, but it ‘s actually easy to handle if you just pay attention to it.

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