Your body can be divided into 3 separate components. First there is the skeleton that gives you your shape. Then there all the internal organs and muscles that allow you to live. And finally there is the skin which covers the skeleton and the organs and keeps everything in place. You can’t live without all three functioning properly. If you break a bone, you get it treated. If you fall sick or one of our organs gives you problems, you know about it soon enough and take action to cure the problem. But what about the skin (which actually is the biggest organ of the body)? 

Skin care is not just about looking good, although good looking skin is usually healthy skin. Modern medicine looks at skin care as looking after the part of our bodies that is the shield that protect everything else from infection, injury and all the dirt and pollution that surrounds us. Current thinking is that skin care is our first line of defense against disease. There are 2 key factors that go into proper skin care. 

Clean and condition. The best way to clean skin is with soap and water. But soap removes a lot of the natural oils the skin needs. If you find your soap leaving your skin feeling dry, look for cleansers that will replenish the skins oils. Moisturize. Your skin needs its nutrients to stay healthy.  Before applying moisturizer, rub the skin with a loofah to remove all the dead cells which will otherwise block the absorption of the moisturizer.

Whatever you soaps and preparations you use for skin care, remember that many contain artificial ingredients along with the natural ones and these artificial elements are also absorbed by the skin and can add to the toxicity of the body. Its always better to use skin care products that contain the fewest chemicals and the most natural ingredients. 

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