Skin is the largest organ on the human body consisting of many layers. The pigmentation of skin varies from country to country. The skin type also varies from dry skin to oily skin. The main function of skin is to protect the body and to insulate and regulate the body temperature. In fact unclean skin breeds diseases.

Moles and warts:

Moles are small black spot on the human skin. They are foreign to the body but reside on it. Moles were once considered to be a beauty spot but nowadays unwanted moles are surgically removed. Every light colored body skin has one or two moles. Warts unlike moles are caused by viral infection. They appear on the skin of the person like a small rough tumour. They appear typically on hands and feet. Moles and warts make the skin look awkward. Hence, removing moles and warts has become more popular among beauty-skin conscious people.

Lightening of skin:

Skin lightening or whitening is a cosmetic method used for de-pigmenting the skin. Under this method, unwanted moles and birthmarks are removed. In the case of leukodermia the unaffected portion is coloured to have uniform appearance. Skin lightening has become an important part of beautification of skin.

Skin care for men:

Skin care for men is just as important as it is for women. The first thing in skin maintenance is that it should be hygienic. That is why people are advised to bathe at least twice a day. Scant respect for keeping the skin neat and clean leads to skin diseases. The dead cells mixing with the secretions of sweat and dirt on the surface of skin form a foul smell. Using of cosmetics on skin should be carefully done as some chemicals in the cosmetics cause incurable diseases.

Skin is of two types. One is dry skin and another is oily-skin. When the skin becomes dry it causes the peeling of the outer skin layer, causing itching sensation and developing cracks on the skin layer. In the case of oily skin, over active glands form this and a substance called sebum is produced, In fact sebum is natural healthy lubricant. Though oily skins are not liked by many people, they are considered to be very healthy in that oil help retain moisture on the outer layer of the skin. However the oily type skin leads to blemishes and pimples.


Wrinkles are caused on the body skin due to aging. They are caused by over exposure of the body or skin inside water. This type of wrinkle is temporary in nature, which is called prune fingers or water aging. The permanent type of wrinkling is called aging wrinkles. In the beautification of skin, losing wrinkles is very important as they give an old look to the skin. Wrinkles-free skin is most sought after thing by many people.

Skin is the largest organ of a human being though it is not felt as an organ by us. It performs three important functions as protection of body, maintaining body temperature and finally giving us sense of touch. As a protector of our body it gives us a nice look (compare our figure with human Skelton). It keeps us in good health by maintaining our body temperature around 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit (37 degrees Celsius).

Through skin, we feel some body touches us or we touch something. This sense is vital as through it we come to know many things. Maintaining a beautiful skin not only gives a good look but also helps the skin perform the three basic functions. Keeping the skin clean is very important as otherwise the cells will become dead and through them diseases spread.

Bathing twice a day with cold water and mild soap is very important for keeping the skin clean. Beautification follows cleanliness.

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