As a man, if you really want vibrant skin, these days you have options. There are hundreds of skin care for men products available on the market. But watch out, lots of them are crap.

So which is the best men skin care cream? Well, if you’re like most men, you haven’t been using a skin cream every day since your teen years. Most women have. They have a lot more knowledge than you in this area. So if you know a woman you can trust, ask her for advice about keeping skin healthy.

Or continue reading this article. I’ll discuss a few essential ingredients that should be in skin care for men.

First of all, womens and mens skin creams are not all that different. Skin is skin. Ingredients that make your girlfriend’s skin firm will also make your skin firm.

The two most important skin proteins are collagen and elastin; they keep skin firm, smooth, and toned. So, just like women, you want to look for men skin care cream that contains natural substances that boost your body’s production of collagen and elastin.

Also, men particularly suffer from dry skin, because many of them work outside and are exposed to sun, wind, and the cold. Look for emollients and natural oils on the ingredient label. They hydrate the skin without clogging pores.

Here’s two natural men skin care moisturizers:

Shea Butter – it helps combat dry skin and reduces the appearance of cuts and blemishes. Now, scars on a man may seem natural. Men play rough. But these days, you don’t have to show them off like you’re a tough guy.

Active Manuka Honey – your skin easily absorbs this special type of honey and leaves no greasy feeling. It’s super-high in antioxidants and prevents free radical damage. Free radicals attack skin cells. The harm they cause is a big reason why skin ages.

Okay, I said above that there’s little difference between mens and womens skin. But there is one skin issue that only confronts men skin care. Skin inflammation. It causes chaffing, redness, and irritation.

A lot of the inflammation men experience is from shaving their face every morning. Skin on the face is the most sensitive and thinnest on the body. It’s hard for men to avoid agitating their face skin unless they want to walk around looking like a caveman. What can you do?

Well, a professional skin care for men line I discovered contains a natural substance called Cynergy TK. It’s amazing in that it stops Prostaglandin E2 production, the process responsible for skin inflammation.

At my website, I discuss many other skincare ingredients for both men and women. If you want to look your best today and keep your skin healthy for the future, check it out.

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