Not Even a Second Thought!– Have you every wondered what sense does it make to eat healthy, to watch your diet, to exercise and do all things right in taking care of body and then, without so much as a second thought, put harmful chemicals on your skin everyday, day after day?

Well, that is a question for many to ponder and muse.   For example you might be surprised to find out the chemicals in an ordinary container of skin care cream.

What’s In That Stuff Anyway?– Here is a typical list on a jar of common hand cream: Water, – Stearic Acid, – Sorbitol, – Glycerin, – C-12-15 Alkyl Benzoate, – Sodium Borate – TEA, – Cetyl Alcohol, – Dimethicone, – Aloe Vera, – Phenoxyethanol, – Propylene Glycol, – Quince Extract, – Tocopheryl Acetate, – Potassium Sorbate, – EDTA, – Allantoin, – Methyl Paraben, – Propyl Paraben, – Butyl Paraben, – Menthol.   This had cream is described as containing “natural” herbal extracts.  YOU do your own exercise and see how many toxic chemicals you can find in your products that are listed in the table below.  Remember this is just a partial list of the tens of thousands of synthetic chemicals in commonly used everyday on the hands, face and the entire body!

The Problem! — The problem is that manufactures aren’t telling people the truth about the ingredients used in the products they offer. These ingredients are harmful.   Listen, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that daily use of such ingredients as:  stearic acid, sorbitol, glycerin, alkyl benzoate, sodium borate… and the list goes on and on… can’t be a good thing!

The products sold as skin care creams are designed to penetrate the skin and quickly be absorbed in the body through the skin!!   HELLO!!   What does that mean?   Well, you might as well be eating them, drinking them and breathing them in!

The Solution — People need to stop and think about the chemicals used on the skin the same way they do when it comes to the chemicals they put in their bodies.   It has been often said:   You are what you eat!   And no one questions that statement as truthful.   But, how about, including the addition — You are what you put on!   As in put on your skin!   Yes.   That also is just as true too.   People need “green” skin care products that do not contain synthetic or man-made ingredients.   There are many companies out there that offer these products.   One that comes to mind is called Glimpse!.   These products do not employ harmful chemicals and as a side benefit, actually promotes good heath.   I say is about time!


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