Serious skin care starts with you. No doubt you’re used to using lotions and facial cleansers that claim to do world wonders, yet fail to deliver. Unfortunately a lot of these products are over hyped and just can’t do what they claim to do. In this article I’ll explain one of the fundamental, serious skin care tips that you can adopt in order to ensure healthy skin.

What most people don’t realise with skin care is it’s not just about splashing chemical after chemical on to your face and hoping that it stays young and smooth. Believe it or not the one thing that you can do to ensure your skin stays revitalised and healthy is to exercise. Yes you read correctly, exercise.

Did you know that your skin is an organ on your body, just like any other? Like with all our organ, they require care and maintenance. Exercise pumps the blood through our body and keeps our organs in a healthy state. If you want to get serious about skin care, then exercising may be just the thing you need to do. Many people dismiss exercising as a way to care for their skin because they wonder how it could possibly be related to skin care. The truth is, is that it’s related a lot.

Exercising to care for your skin starts, first and foremost, with the dedication to actually get outdoors, and the determination to do your best. Once you start jogging on a regular basis you’d be quite surprised at how easy it can become. You see when we’re exercising and the blood is moving through our body, our skin is able to receive elements of nutrients much quicker. If you just left your skin alone without caring for it, then it would dry out quite quickly. If you exercise on the other hand, then your body will be bringing these essential hydrating elements to your skin much faster.

So the lesson is this. If you want to start getting serious about skin care, then get serious about exercise. As odd as it may be to think that the two fields relate, why not give it a go for a couple of weeks? You’d be amazed to find that the odd jog may do leaps and bounds in order to ensure that your skin remains young, healthy and smooth. Serious skin care, like with anything, comes down to you. Start putting in the effort now, and you’ll reap the rewards later.

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