Many people have adopted a lifestyle that is more in keeping with the environment. In addition to eating healthier foods and using environmentally safe energy sources, This lifestyle change also includes using products which are safer and kinder to their skin. According to many dermatologists organic skin care products are much gentler and more effective than the synthetic chemical based products which dominate the market, We need to discover which ones from the multitude of natural ingredients are the most effective.

If the company you are purchasing your cosmetic products from has not signed the Compact for Safe Cosmetics pledge, then you should not be using their products. Companies signing this pledge will not use ingredients that are chemically-based. So you can feel safe to use their products. If the product contains ingredients that can be eaten, then you know it is safe and organic. Remember whatever you put on your skin is absorbed and can enter your blood stream.

You need to be aware of the harmful chemicals that are being used by some skin care manufacturers. These chemicals can create more damage to your skin. Some of these harmful chemical ingredients being used are: Parabens which are preservatives used to improve the shelf life of products. It is also known to cause cancer. Fragrances: These causes depression and skin irritation. Other substances such as alcohol which dries the skin, dioxane, mineral oil and triclosan. Be aware of these and avoid using products which contain them.

Other very effective natural ingredients used in the best organic skin care products include Active Manuka honey and essential oils such as Jojoba oil, Avocado oil and Grapeseed oil. Active Manuka honey comes from the honey produced by bees from the pollen of the Manuka bush in New Zealand. It is a very effective natural ingredient used to help reduce lines and wrinkles. There are many good organic face creams out there that contain effective ingredients like Babassu, Phytessence Wakame, Shea Butter, and Cynergy TK, so keep your eyes open.

When we are young, these proteins are abundant, but as we age, we have less and less of them. This is one of the main causes of why you get wrinkles, fine lines, and other aging signs. Most skincare companies know this, so they put collagen and elastin directly to their products, but this is a mistake. Collagen and elastin cannot be absorbed by your skin, because the molecules are too big. Still, many companies put them in their products, because they know that people will buy them anyway. There are many tricks that these companies use, but as you educate yourself, the chance of you falling for their stunts goes down.

These are products that are made from superior, high quality ingredients completely free of any pesticides, herbicides or other harmful chemicals that could compromise the integrity of a plant. They do not contain any synthetic or man made fillers or additives. Because organic natural skin care products, comes from the purest quality ingredients, consumers can feel confident about the products.

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