From time immemorial the concept of beauty is associated with the physical appearance of a person. The term generally conjures up images of a beautiful face with flawless complexion and good physique. Skin care treatments date back thousands of years. Ancient Greeks where known to indulge in the care of mind, body and soul, with the body taking preference. We are fascinated to hear about beauty baths, natural skin care and other details of those times. To maintain the god-given beauty, we have to take care of our skin. What better way than to follow the natural methods and ingredients found in nature to achieve the most sought after aspect of human existence?

During early civilization skin care transcended gender. Both men and women took care through various methods of natural skin treatment. The trend is fast approaching where people of both gender want to look good. Skin care treatment not only helps in maintaining the looks of a person but also produces a sense of well being and helps in rejuvenation of the mind. The fresher we look the more confident and replenished are we.

Skin care through natural methods is therapeutic.

A holistic approach to skin care can be achieved through Ayurveda. As the meaning of this ancient treatment lies in the `knowledge of life’ where health is a result of harmony, and illness is that of disharmony with nature, one has to strive to maintain a healthy balance between them. Known to have practiced more than 5000 years ago in India, it paves a path to acknowledge the dire need for it.

The practice of ayurveda has been passed on from generations. We can still hear our grandmother admonishing us to use natural methods to clean our face other than the chemical cakes, which we use in the name of soaps. Oil massage is still a favorite with most of us, as this makes us face the daunting tasks in this materialistic world of today. It serves as a natural `soothener’ and makes our skin radiant. Skin care is still a part and parcel of one’s life. Improper or negligent skin care results in premature ageing of the skin and turns it excessively dry and wrinkled. Proper diet helps in maintaining good health. With good health comes proper skin nourishment. Regular intake of honey and milk products helps in nourishing the skin.

As more and more people are turning towards fast foods, the idea of healthy food is fast diminishing. The culture with which we were bred has taken a back-stage with people vying to survive in this mechanical world. With alarming rise in global warming added efforts have to be taken to ensure a trouble-free life. Such drastic changes have an unending effect on our skin too. Many naturalists, however, have taken upon the daunting task to revive our ancient culture and tradition, which includes our health. As beauty is not only skin deep but also is produced from proper care of body, mind and soul, the need of the hour is to once again embrace the nuances of ayurveda.

The input is directly proportional to output. What we take in reveals its magic by allowing it to be witnessed on the exterior. In other words, a healthy lifestyle of exercise, diet and ayurveda proves to be priceless in the long run. So, it is high time we pack up all our synthetic products and turn towards the time-tested methods of gaining radiance back into our lives…whether it is internal or external. Beauty is not merely skinning deep but allows itself to manifest in the well being of one’s relationship with nature.

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