Skin is the body ‘s mirror of our inner health and wellness, both physical and emotional. Skin plays a vital role in our life, how one looks and feels directly correlates to ones skin. A healthy lifestyle reflects on the skin so staying in good physical condition can aid in the the good appearance of the skin. There are two sets of glands found in the dermis the sweat glands and the oil glands. The sweat glands are employed in the elimination of the water-soluble cellular waste. The oil glands secrete oil, which lubricates the skin surface. Skin care is very important for women and men of all ages. Proper moisture levels in your skin (epidermis) help diminish signs of aging and distress from the outdoors, and prevent frequent makeup and cosmetics use from diminishing the skin’s glow and general health. Great skin is the first step toward an excellent makeup. One of the most important factors of skin care is skin cleansing. Because dirt, pollution, residual makeup, etc.

There are different variants of bath lotion for dry skin, oily skin, and normal skin. Providing the right skin care (including cleansing ski surface of the skin ). All skin care is not created equally. Beautiful skin often begins inside and radiates outward. Women’s skin care differs from that of children and men, and among women, skin care even differs at various stages of life. Poor nutrition, unhealthy lifestyle choices and stress all contribute to the overall poor health of the skin. Facial skin is very thin and more sensitive to irritants and allergens then the rest of the body. Regular body care is essential for good health and well-being. However, frequent showers and bathing can deplete of body of its natural oils and upset your skin’s protective moisture barrier. The skin of the peach is useful in improving the complexion.

Gently massage the inside of peach peelings on the face every night for a few minutes. Don’t rub off the moisture afterwards.

Natural Herbal Skin Care Tips

1. The vitamins of the B group are important in producing beautiful skin.

2. Get adequate rest and nutrition.

3. Vitamin B1 aids skin health by helping to keep the circulation normal.

4. Vitamin B2 or riboflavin deficiency can lead to brown pigmentation, or liver spots on the skin.

5. Squeeze lemon juice in a bowl of iced water. Splash this over the face, massage for five minutes and then wash off with water.

6. Mix half teaspoon of lime juice with one teaspoon of cucumber juice and a few drops of rose water. Apply on the face and neck and leave on for 15 minutes

7. Lime juice is an important natural aid for healthy skin.

8. Mix a teaspoon of olive oil with an egg. Smoothen the face and neck with it. Let it remain till the skin gets dry.

9. Grind rose petals and mix with cream on the top of milk and apply to your body. Shower after 10 minutes.

10. Avoid pus and rashes, eat plenty of sprouts, alfalfa, barley, tomatoes, spinach, strawberries and figs.

11. Eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables-while avoiding oily and spicy food and go easy on sweets-that’s for those who have a smooth tooth.

12. Mix a tablespoon of rice flour with 2 tablespoons curd. This is an effective cleansing milk which removes stale makeup and cleans open pores.

13. Apply a mixture of fenugreek powder and green gram powder on the unwanted hair.

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