how to choose beauty products

It seems as if the world is going green, so why not go “green” with organic body care products. You don’t necessarily have to do this but shampoos and lotions from the store can be filled with dangerous chemicals. So your best bet is to learn that you can make your own organic body care products in a few simple steps. You can take a few basic organic products to make your own lotion.

The three most common and prevalent causes of skin aging are:

1. Loss of collagen and elastin protein in the skin
2. Low levels of hyaluronic acid in the skin
3. Damage caused by free radicals and oxidative stress

Organic body care products that address these major problems will produce the most noticeable and long-lasting results.

Commercial skin care products are often produced with animal byproducts such as lanolin, and also include other chemical detergents and petrochemicals. In many cases these animal byproduct units and petrochemicals are too large to be absorbed by the skin, but they will attract dirt and clog the pores.

It is always advisable to use naturally produced ayurvedic skin care products. These skin treatment creams are produced based on methods of Ayruved.

Ayurveda, an ancient Indian science of longevity inherited from our Vedic rishis beholds a treasure trove of medical sciences and remedies to enhance the beautiful being in you by holistically healing the mind, body and soul in a natural way in harmony with nature.

Ayur means ‘longevity’ and Veda means ‘science’, thus Ayurveda essentially is the science of long life achieved by detoxifying the inner you.

Beauty is skin deep they say but in Ayurveda the idea of beauty itself is much more deeper where skin plays an important role as it is like a mirror to the inner you, it reflects your habits, health and happiness, a healthy glowing skin is a result of an overall purification of your mind body and soul which is the essence of Ayurveda.

Our skin is porous and absorbs all that we feed them hence adopting natural home remedies and Ayurvedic skin and health care can yield best results for our health without any side effects.


how to choose beauty products for skin care

A properly chosen organic natural body care product not only makes our skin supple, elastic and toned, but it is also highly effective in maintaining our skin’s youth and vitality even in old age. Here is your expert guide on how to select the best body care product for yourself.

Your skin absorbs whatever you put on it into your body. The soap you use in the shower, the body lotion your slather on, the moisturizer on your face, the makeup remover you use; all of it is absorbed into your body, and you want to be the healthiest you can be.

The use of anti-aging skin care products has become a very regular occurrence in our modern world mainly because we now live longer and as such we work longer and looking healthy is always important.

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