how to remove tattoo natural remedies

Its a well known fact that tattoos are very popular. In fact, 25% of people aged 18 to 30 have had at least one tattoo. This number is probably going to rise as well to around 40% over the next few years.

Given these figures, it’s surprising that safe tattoo removal is now something that a lot of people are looking at. There is nothing wrong with having a tattoo, and yes, there are plenty of people who love their body art and would not change it for the world. However, there is also a large number who think the opposite and wish they could turn back the clock.

Spur of the moment tattoos can be obtained in plenty of different scenarios. Too much to drink whilst out with friends and taking on a dare? Wanting to have the name of the love of your life tattooed forever on your arm and then splitting up with them next day? The list can go on and on.

Most of the removals happen due to divorce, breakup, new design, bored off and religious leanings.

Two popular methods of removing tattoos are through laser tattoo removal and excision. In laser tattoo removal, the patient is treated through an equipment which projects light. The tattoo is exposed under a series of different wavelengths of light which penetrates the skin and slowly fades the tattoo. On the other hand, with the excision method, the tattoo is literally cut off from the skin of the patient. The layers of skin are then sewn back to their original place.

The most well known of both is laser tattoo removal. Although effective, it takes time and can be very painful – more painful in fact that having the tattoo completed in the first place. The feeling has been likened to severe sun burn that has been rubbed with a rough towel and then pinged with a number of rubber bands – not pleasant!

There is a lot of interest in home tattoo removal at the moment. Creams and Acid Peels are selling well, although there seems to be mixed feelings on how well they work.

If you are interested in safe tattoo removal, the best thing to do is look at all options available, and see which one would fit in best for you.

Remember that laser tattoo removal, will need to be carried out at a specialized clinic and the cost will probably not be covered by your health service. This is only likely to be an option if it is deemed that your tattoo is causing stress and illness.

Home remedies to remove tattoo

More and more people want to go as natural as possible in as far as at-home treatments are concerned. In that regard, there is no way we could have finished this guide without long at some of the natural remedies for tattoo removal. Here are some of them:

Aloe vera + Paederia Tomentosa + Vitamin E

Aloe vera has a wide range of beneficial uses in as far as natural home remedies are concerned ranging from burn treatment to dry skin alleviation and age spots removal. It is also touted to be one of the best home remedies to lighten tattoos when used alongside Paederia Tomentosa and Vitamin E. Here is an outline of the process used to fade out tattoos with aloe vera:

  1. Squeeze out a tablespoon of aloe vera juice from a fresh aloe vera leaf. Over-the-counter aloe vera gel would as well do.
  2. Mix the juice with 1 tablespoon of Paederia tomentosa and then pop the content of 2 capsules of vitamin E capsules in.
  3. Stir thoroughly to create a fine paste and then work it through the tattooed area of your skin. Rub the area gently with your finger in a circular motion for 10 minutes or so and finish off by rinsing the area with warm water.

how to remove tattoo herbal remedies

Lemon Juice to Lighten Tattoos

Lemon juice is also touted to be one of the best natural home remedies for tattoo removal. It is especially effective for removal of light and small tattoos. To use lemon juice to fade tattoos, follow the following steps:

  • Cut a lemon into two halves and then squeeze out its juice.
  • Add in 100g of salt and stir thoroughly to dissolve.
  • Dab the solution onto the tattooed area with a clean cotton ball and then rub repeatedly for 30 minutes.
  • Finish by rinsing the area with warm water
  • Repeat as often as is needed to get the desired results.

Honey for Fading Tattoos Naturally

Honey also makes it to the list of at home tattoo removal methods but it deserves a mention that it will only help to fade a tattoo as opposed to removing it altogether. This remedy is also effective for small, light-colored tattoos. Below is a guideline on how to use honey for this purpose:

  • Mix a tablespoon of honey with a tablespoon each of aloe vera juice, yoghurt, and salt.
  • Blend them thoroughly to make a natural tattoo removal cream and then work it through your skin on the tattooed area.
  • Massage the area gently to aid the cream to work into the skin and finally rinse the cream off with warm water after 30 minutes or so.
  • Repeat as necessary to get the desired results.

Apricot scrub to remove tattoo

Again you have one effective way of removing tattoos at home – have a look at the details;

Take natural extract of aloe Vera, apricot scrub and vitamin E oil – make sure the quantities are the same, mix them well together.

Apply this mixture over the tattoos are in circular motions – make sure the entire areas get covered properly.

Leave it for 5 minutes and remove it with chilled water. You have to remove it completely. You have to do this entire process for a month and at least 5 times a day – it’s simple and you would see ink has started to fade.

how to remove tattoo home remedies

Lavender to remove tattoo

Lavender comes from the Mediterranean region, but now it is already popular in many parts of the world. Lavender essential oil is also one of the few essential oils which can be used directly on the skin because it is very safe and can soothe the skin sunburn and wounds. If your skin is suffering acne or redness, lavender essential oil can soothe, reduce acne, and smooth your skin effectively. In addition, lavender essential oil is widely used in the keloid treatments. In fact, this is also one of the best healthy tips on how to remove tattoos at home that many people prefer and get good results. If you are among people who do not want to spend too much money on removing tattoos, you should choose this method and apply onto your tattooed skin right away for good! This is actually one of the best tips on how to remove a permanent tattoo from skin at home that people really need to consider trying to make use if they want to get their tattoos faded or removed without pain and potential harms.

To apply lavender essential oil effectively as a treatment for keloid due to the tattoo removing process is quite simple that you just need to use a soft cotton to massage the keloid area about 2 times a day in the morning and evening.

how to remove tattoo home remedy

Sandpaper for tattoo removal?

The sandpaper method, also known as dermabrasion is the method of rubbing the area and peeling away the skin. Most people who try this method use sandpaper and aloe vera to rub the skin and break down the ink pigments. By simply using sandpaper, you will not reach the ink since it is in the dermis. You will end up causing a lot of bleeding, possible infection, and a lot of pain if you try to sandpaper your tattoo off. So sandpaper should not be used to remove tattoo from the skin.

While the above listed home remedies for tattoo removal may give you notable results, there is the risk of scarring and infection involved for skins sensitive to natural herbs, though such irritation are rare.

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