How to get Fair and white Skin

Before discussing on tips to get fairer skin, it is important that we know about warning signs of buying white skin products. Some of the preventive measures are: (1) don’t buy skin lightening products with mercury or steroids. They harm the skin after long term use. (2) hydroquinone can be problematic for some people, especially those with ‘ethnic’ skin, leaving dark marks with prolonged use. Kojic acid, licorice, papain are some of the safe ingredients to go for. (3) receiving too large amounts of Vitamin C/Vitamin A is never good, especially in the form of supplements. Overdosing on this will cause nausea, headaches, severe vomiting and blurred vision. (4) sunscreen is a must. Use of skin whitening products without sunscreen would be futile.

The white (fair) skin gets most of its colour from the bluish-white connective tissue in the dermis and from the haemoglobin associated blood cells circulating in the capillaries of the dermis. The colour associated with the circulating haemoglobin become more obvious, especially in the face, when arterioles dilate and become tumefied with blood as a result of prolonged physical exercise or stimulation of the sympathetic nervous system (usually embarrassment or anger). Up to 50% of UVA can penetrate deeply into the dermis in persons with light skin pigmentation with little protective melanin pigment.

The characteristic of (white) fair skin is associated with high amount of pheomelanin, little amounts of eumelanin. This phenotype is caused by a loss-of-function mutation in the melanocortin 1 receptor (MC1R) gene. However, variations in the MC1R gene sequence only have considerable influence on pigmentation in populations where red hair and extremely fair skin is prevalent.

The gene variation’s primary effect is to promote eumelanin synthesis at the expense of pheomelanin synthesis, although this contributes to very little variation in skin reflectance between different ethnic groups. Melanocytes from light skin cells cocultured with keratinocytes give rise to a distribution pattern characteristic of light skin.

Simple steps to get a natural white skin

No need to spend so much time and effort for whitening your skin. Just use 5 following simple tips to get a natural white skin:

1. Sun-cream

Sun-cream is an effective skin-whitening tip which isn’t normally thought about. You should not think that sun-cream’s effect is only to prevent your skin from getting darken by sunlight. The uv and different environmental impacts leave us sunburned skin and increasing melanin rate (Melanin seriously impacts on our skin pigmentation. The more melanin we get, the darker the skin is). Sun-cream prevent the skin from not only UV light but also increasing the melanin rate. If you often use sun-cream for a long time, you will find out its effect.

sun cream for white skin

2. Moisturizing your skin

It seems that moisturizing is unrelated to skin whitening methods we are mentioning to. However it is really important to get a natural white skin. Dry skin brings a darker skin and it is easier to get sunburned. Therefore, moisturizing is a natural way to defend the skin against darkening effects and the moisturizing balance brings a silky smooth skin.

Moisturizing your skin for fair skin

3. Tomatoes

Tomato can bleach, it is a natural raw material for whitening skin. Slice tomato into half and segregate the seeds. Wash your face in circular motion and use your usual soap. Rinse and pat dry. Use tomato in your face circular motion. Leave it into 15 minutes. And if you want to fast whiten you skin you should leave in over night. You can see the result in the first day. Your face will become shine and whiten. You use everyday as a good result.

Tomatoes for white and fair skin

4. Wheat flour

A healthy skin keeps us far from darkening impacts. Maintaining a soft and resistant skin by wheat flour is a good idea. You should mixture wheat flour and yogurt. Then you apply the mixture on your face from 15-20 minutes. This should be done once a week to keep a healthy skin.

wheat flour and yogurt for white skin

5. Papaya

Papaya is one of nourishing fruits good for hair, skin and digestive system. In addition to eating, you can apply the pureed papaya on your skin. Clean your face with warm fresh water after 20 minutes. This leaves you a natural soft white skin.

Papaya for white skin

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