Demodex Parasites

Most of the researches agree that existence of demodex parasite play a major role in increasing the rosacea flare ups. Even though there are no established researches which support the relation between rosacea and demodex, most of them agree that rosacea sufferers do have more number of demodex parasites in their skin compared to others. Massive amount of researches are still going on to find out the causes behind rosacea. Researches have found out quite a lot of factors which when work together results in this chronic skin disease.

Researches are now more concentrating on this parasitic organism scientifically known as demodex folliculorum. This mite is a normal resident in the human skin and it lives by eating up the dead skin cells. They are more prominent on the facial skin region even though they can be found in every area of the skin. There secretions excretions and dead remains are found to be a cause for blockage of pores resulting in inflammatory condition leading to rosacea.

It is observed that people suffering from steroid induced rosacea also has high demodex mite population. It is also found that number of these parasites are much higher during the spring season and rosacea suffers have the disease increased during this season. The researches are also concentrating on bacteria that are usually found in demodex parasite namely Bacillus oleronius which has shown to increase the inflammatory condition resulting in rosacea. It is found that two proteins in this bacterium are found to induce an inflammatory response resulting in rosacea. Researches have found that immune response to these proteins is a familiar occurrence in rosacea sufferers.

One of the major focuses on the rosacea treatment is Sea buckthorn oil with its copious skin caring properties. This is because the oil has anti inflammatory and anti microbial property which can suppress the demodex mite proliferation in the skin. Sea buckthorn oil can kill the demodex parasites and the bacteria that reside in them and can greatly reduce rosacea symptoms. At present sea buckthorn oil based rosacea treatment is widely accepted through out the world by most of the rosacea sufferers. Sea buckthorn oil based rosacea soaps are giving amazing and remarkable improvement in millions of rosacea suffers. Such soaps can be obtained from the well-known skin care brand namely Good Life Health which is a home of natural rosacea treatment products


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