men skin care importance

Men, just as much as women, need skin care products to make themselves feel good about their appearance, making them more attractive to the opposite sex. Aside from that, men take good care of their skin so they will feel more confident at work and at play.

Men’s lack of interest in the category and perceived “problem free” skin are the leading reasons why men choose not to use facial skincare. Specifically, 42 percent of non-users report that they do not have any problems with their skin, and an equal percentage say they are just not interested in such products, while 17 percent are of the attitude that such products are for women.

Although both men and women pay attention to their physical appearance, men primarily groom themselves for hygienic purposes. When women are worried about any pimple marks or blackheads, men usually encounter burns or reddish dots after shaving. That is because not all men are educated with the proper skin care tips, such as what kind of products to use after shaving.

For example, some men just shave their mustache or beards without even applying an alcohol-free shaving cream or applying moisturizer right after shaving. Some men only consider a bar of soap as their primary grooming tool to clean their face and their body. In reality however, experts suggest that men also get a facial. The reason: men also get as much dirt as women, like getting blackheads. Men can also use other skin care products like a facial mask if they are uncomfortable being treated in a spa or skin salon.

Five Benefits of Grooming

1. Removes dirt and grime


2. Spot prevention & clearer complexion


3. Facial skin becomes smooth and easy to shave


4. Flake-free skin


5. Boost ageing complexions

Skin is actually very good at repairing itself, regenerating around every thirty days. But when a man hit his thirties this regeneration process slows down, meaning the complexion needs a helping hand. That is why grooming of skin becomes requirement and not choice.

Face scrub, skin treatment, cleaning will effectively mimic skin rejuvenation to control ageing complexions and give skin a new lease of life.

Men also experience having pimple breakouts due to oily skin. They may also experience having dry skin because of the regular bar soap they use for the face. One of the best skin care tips: use a foaming cleanser instead of a regular soap for the face. The reason for this is that the soap can actually remove the natural amount of oil that gives moisture to the facial skin.

Grooming the skin is not just for females but for males as well. Men’s skin care is just as important as cleaning. Skin is nourished with right grooming and hygiene.

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