Cold weather does more than keep all of us inside by the fireplace. It can also play havoc with our skin. The cold, dry weather combined with the drying effects of the artificial heaters in our home can cause our skin to lose important moisture. Here are some ideas for a good facial skin care plan that will keep your skin looking healthy and beautiful until spring.

Consider Changing Moisturizers

The moisturizer you have for the spring and summer as part of your facial skin care regime might be great for warm weather but you may need to switch during the winter when your skin is drier. Normally, water-based creams are great but in winter consider choosing an oil-based product. Make sure to avoid any types of clogging oils that won’t be good for your pores. You may also want to look for moisturizers that contain alpha-hydroxy acids and/or glycerin because they will bring more moisture to your skin naturally.

Keep Using Sunscreen

One dangerous facial skin care misconception is the sun is only dangerous during the summer but that’s not true. During the winter, the sun’s UV radiation is still strong. Most of us just cover up too much to notice. However, if your face is exposed you should be using sunscreen when you go outside. It’s a good idea to apply it to your skin about a half an hour before you leave and bring a small tube with you if you’ll be outside for a long time.

Invest in Humidifiers

Not everything in your facial skin care plan is going to come in tubes. All of that heat from your home’s heater may keep you from freezing but it’s also drying out your face. Humidifiers send more moisture into the air of your home which can prevent this from happening. Just remember to turn off those humidifiers in the summer when you don’t need the extra humidity indoors.

Use Oatmeal to Combat Itching

Dry skin in the winter can sometimes lead to itchy skin. Scratching your skin will only cause damage so instead you should fill up your bathtub with a combination of lukewarm water (avoid getting the water too hot because they can actually cause more drying) and oatmeal. The combination can help restore some moisture and relieve the itching. Once you dry off make sure to slather on a good amount of your moisturizer, too, as part of good facial skin care.

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