The face is the most influential part of our body. It is where it symbolizes our physical characteristics as a person. Our face is where our senses are operating. This includes the eyes for sight, ears for hearing, nose for smelling, tongue for tasting, and the skin for sensation. The face embodies our physical well-being because it is the most observed part of the body where it represents your whole well-being. People are basing facial features in order to recognize the physical identity of a certain individual, which represents their whole well-being.

This is the reason why all people around the world are always utilizing facial expressions in order to determine if these features belongs to a certain individual whom they known or met sometime from the past.

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Facial care tips help your Physical wellbeing

1. Eat right

This would mean that we should always eat the right amount of food as part of our daily routine in order to help our face to remain healthy. Foods that are rich in organic nutrients such as fruits and vegetables are always one of the most effective that could help our body to become strong and healthy as well as nourishing our face. If we do not eat healthy foods where in we are always fund of eating foods that are rich in high fat, salt, and sugar, we could notice that the appearance of our face starts to look abnormal such as having fat pockets, oily, and starts to accumulate invasive microorganisms that changes the structure of our face.

facial care - Enhance your Physical Beauty with clean face

2. Sleeping

It is always recommended that sleeping is one of the best ways to enhance our beauty on the inside. It is because it helps to rejuvenate all destroyed or injured cells in order to have the chance to generate new cells that would help to replenish our face. Sleeping is considered as a physiological need, which enhances our body to gain and balance its strength. In this case, it helps to repair all damaged nerves, blood vessels, and tissues that are located on the skin in order to look healthy and fresh whenever a person wakes up from a routine activity.

3. Drinking plenty of fluids

Water is not the only available liquid that is usually mentioned as the main hydrating agent to our face though it is still recommended by the doctors in order to flush all kinds of toxins out from our body. Drinking healthy fruit juice such as coconut juice, orange juice, apple juice, or juicing extracts from various fruits and vegetables that would help to nourish our body from unwanted chemical elements that would change the structure of our face at a certain period of time.

4. Mouth exercise

This exercise is the process where we are going to open our mouth wide for five seconds and then close it for five seconds and then to be redone in an alternative method. In this case, it helps to bend, flex, and mobilize all facial muscles that could decrease the number of wrinkles that is always responsible for making our face to look old. Mouth exercise is an essential action in order to prevent facial sagging that is an indicative sign of ageing in particular for individuals ageing from 35 and above. Mouth exercise can be done twice a day from once in the morning and another routine in the evening before bedtime.

facial care - beautify your Physical Beauty to clean face

5. Exercise

This is always recommended by health care practitioners because it helps to mobilize blood products across a person’s circulatory system in order to become healthy as well as to regain their wellness. When blood products are always mobilized in the face, it releases oxygen that helps to replenish all cells, tissues, and organs across the face that would help to look fresh all day. Exercise provides systemic benefits for an individual to prevent any diseases that forms in the future.

6. Avoid excessive alcohol intake

It is always known that alcoholic drinking is always directly injuring our liver, which is always responsible for detoxifying our body. Our liver is always the main organ to screen all unwanted chemicals that are being ingested by an individual. Alcohol intake on a regular basis could turn your skin darker for the reason that the toxins produced by alcohol inside the body releases an enzyme that is called as free radicals that causes the melanin pigment to increase whenever there is a toxic substance across the skin.

7. Do not smoke or drink alcohol

Smoking or drinking alcohol is one of the reasons why our skin became irritable as well as to appear old. Smoking being more dangerous, it is because the toxic fumes inhaled by a person contains more than 500 poisonous substances that destroys cells, tissues, and organs. A chain smoker burns the mouth, making their mouth to appear brownish, violet, bluish, or black. Smoking transforms the face of a smoker to appear irritable and unrecognizable, which could risk the person to deplete oxygen to the body especially on the facial part.

facial care - Do not drink alcohol for Physical Beauty to clean face

8. Taking vitamin e and c

A combination of at least 500 mg of vitamin c and 400 mg of vitamin e could help to replenish our skin including the face. People who are taking these two vitamins on a regular manner can significantly observe visible changes in their face that would make them appear to be more satisfied. The reason behind is that vitamin c and vitamin e are food of the skin that aims to decrease fine lines, decrease pores, and makes the skin to look brighter and radiant that makes the person to appear younger than their age basing from facial integrity.

9. Washing your face regularly

Washing your face regularly could help to eliminate all kinds of unwanted toxins and germs that are always causing your face to be prone to infection. This includes washing it upon awakening, before bedtime, after going outdoors, or before going out elsewhere. Applying moisturizers can be essential to replenish irritated and dry skin in your face, which can further hydrates it after washing it. Washing your face could also help to eliminate potential microorganisms that might cause irritations as well as invasive infections that could cause generalized weakness and injury to the body.

10. Do not use commercialized facial toners

Toners are recommended for individuals who have undergone therapy such as peeling, scrubbing, or anything that could help to change the structure of the face into a more replenished way. Toners are only used that are only advised by physicians. It is not recommended for individuals who did not underwent consultation, which could risk their face to be prone to pimple infection and allergic reaction that may cause future facial problems.

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