If you are like me, the winter season dries out my skin horribly. It’s not just my face that seems to dry out, my legs become dry and flaky and get really itchy. This unusually dry skin is a result of oil glands producing less oil due to the colder temperatures. Another factor is low humidity in the home and outdoors. There is no moisture available for your skin to absorb. These combined factors of less humidity and less oil production in the skin makes for dreadful dry, itchy skin.

It is not a problem figuring out what your skin needs – it needs moisture and extreme hydration to relieve the dryness and itchiness. The problem is finding a product that really hydrates and soothes the skin.

From my experience lotions loaded with fragrances seemed to do more harm than good. They actually made my legs itch more! I have tried Eucerin which worked for me as it does not contain fragrances which are known irritants for dry and/or sensitive skin and it seemed to lock in moisture. Additionally, I have tried various homemade treatments which have worked well and relived the dryness and itchiness on my legs.

Below are just a few of some natural ingredients that will relieve dry skin and they are easy on the environment too!

Almond oil, Olive oil or Vitamin E – oils have more staying power than lotions and really lock in the moisture. Apply to skin right out of the shower then pat dry.

Safflower oil – A reader had posted this recommendation on another dry skin article and said it worked really well for her.

For a superb moisturizing bath oil, add 5 drops of your favorite essential oil to 1 tablespoon of carrier oil such as almond or safflower. Shake bottle thoroughly. Working with essential oils you can easily customize your bath fragrance to suit your taste and moisturize at the same time. However, I feel that a note of caution is due here – when working with essential oils, know their properties as they are potent. For instance rosemary has stimulating effects and should not be used by pregnant women as an example. Be sure you understand the properties of essential oils.

Other ways to combat dry skin is to avoid hot showers, and if bathing do not stay in the tub to long as it strips away natural oils in the skin. If you are a bather then consider a milk bath or bath oils to moisturize the skin while bathing.

Consider a humidifier for your home. Don’t have a humidifier, then just place a few bowls of water by the heat registers.

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