canvas decorating tips for clinic

There are so many ways for you to decorate your skin care clinic: you can have framed photos, wallpapers, etc. But, if you want something that will appeal even to the most meticulous client, you can always go for art pieces. Photo canvas is the inexpensive version of paintings and would be perfect as art decoration for your clinic.

The artistic appeal of canvas is such that even a fairly ordinary picture can look great on it. It has a certain texture and character that other printing medium can’t achieve.

For your clinic, you can either have replications of original artworks or have your digital photos printed on canvas.

Canvas Decorating Ideas for Skin Care Clinic

* Just the right size. Photo canvas can be as small as 8×8 inches or as enormous as 52×100 inches. You can have prints with customized size to meet your specifications. This way, you can be sure that the output doesn’t only fit the wall but also retains the great quality of the image. You should not print small photos onto huge canvas sizes because imperfections might show up in the output. For your skin care products, you can have average-sized prints so as not to make your advertisement “shout.” Gorgeous models or successful patient stories could be printed on large canvas for more emphasis.

* Tile them up. If you want to create dimension for your wall decorations, you can have a photo printed over several canvases. Then, you can tile them up. This will give a great effect on your photo as well as a certain character to the room. A panoramic shot of a beautiful landscape, before and after patients or your clinic’s staffs working together would make great tiled canvas prints.

* The black and white effect. The dramatic effect of black and white photos would be a great addition to your wall decors. And the artistic quality that a canvas can lend to these photos, these would make good prints. Try this concept with photos of skin care advertisement or just photos of you and your clinic staffs.

* Pop art. So you want to hang a photo of a beautiful skin care model up your lobby walls? Why not convert the image into pop art first. This will add a little fun to your image and would make a non-conventional wall display.

Whatever decorating style you want to follow, it is important to keep everything in harmony with the overall interior designs of your clinic. It would also be helpful to find a canvas printing company that guarantees quality products. Look up on the internet for a reliable online printing company who can be your partner in making your clinic look great.

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