Celazome Skin – a national skincare company based in St. Petersburg, Florida – has an unorthodox method for growing sales… and it’s working.  

A division of Dermazone, Celazome Skin has been in operation since 1999 and is a woman-owned and operated business with a long-standing mission to support business women.   Recently the company became a national sponsor of eWomen Network, one of the largest networking organizations for women in the country.   As part of that commitment, all purchases of Celazome Skin products by eWomen Network members generate a donation to the eWomen Network Foundation. The women of the Celazome Skin executive team also attended the recent eWomen Network International Conference and Business Expo in Dallas, Texas.  

The results have been phenomenal.   Not only have sales increased, but over eight thousand dollars has already been raised in cooperation with the local Tampa eWomen Foundation.  

“Women from all over the country stopped by our booth to tell us how much they loved our product,” says Carolyn Veroni, Director of Business Development of Celazome Skin.   “It went so much farther than simple skincare.   It was about putting faces and stories to what the products have done for these women.”  

With a skincare line that includes pharmaceutical grade moisturizers, lotions and treatments the testimonials Celazome has received since reaching out to the business women have been powerful to say the least.   Cancer patients, burn victims and nurses from around the country have shared their experiences about how their lives were essentially transformed by minimizing scarring and reducing soreness.

Celazome President Deborah Duffey explained how the company is taking their strategy to the next level.   “With the power of the Internet we are now able to reach beyond the doctors’ offices and truly connect with these women.   We recently launched a state-of-the-art eCommerce store and an aggressive social media campaign.   We are really focusing on reaching out to the amazing faces of the women on Facebook.”

Being a savvy business woman herself, Duffey is quick to point out that they are not abandoning traditional methods of reaching out in favor of the new technology.   She says that the executives at Celazome Skin are passionate about being active community members in Tampa Bay, and have a long history of supporting local charities that raise funds and awareness for women’s and children’s issues.   Most recently the team has participated in the 11th Annual Walk/Run to benefit Ovarian Cancer and was a sponsor of the Moffitt Skin Care Awareness Mole Patrol event.  

To learn more about Celazome Skin visit www.celazomeskin.com

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