Sometimes we just need a little pampering. In the day to day mull of things we tend to forget about the little details in our lives such as proper diet, exercise, sleep and even skin care. Taking the time to pamper ourselves a little though can give us a bright new perspective on an old droll subject and will leave us feeling better about ourselves which will be reflected on in the world around us.

There are many things that can cause dry, peeling, rough skin and this is not something we want. The basic human nature is to be touched. But who wants to touch alien like skin that is more akin to scales? If we wanted that we could pet a lizard or a frog for that matter. The environment around us and especially the sun is a main factor in any damage to our skin. UV rays will burn and dry out our follicles leaving us with rashes, peeling and the like. Not to mention the risk you run of developing skin cancer from too much exposure to these rays. Taking the time to apply some sun block before heading out to start your day is the perfect preventative measure. Most sun blocks not only protect against UV rays but they work as a moisturizer as well. Leaving your skin soft and smooth as a baby’s skin.

Speaking of moisturizer it would be a good idea to apply one every once and a while. That and an exfoliate. Exfoliates are used to clean away any dirt and dead skin particles left over from the days tasks and applying a moisturizer afterwards will keep your skin from getting irritated and chaffing. Women have the most trouble with chaffing because of the way their bodies curve. Applying a lotion after your shower ladies, will help to prevent any painful chaffing. Plus, what better way to attract Prince Charming then with soft supple skin.

Taking the time to care for your skin does not mean hours in front of the mirror. A little bit of pampering after each shower or before you go to bed, along with taking the time to protect your skin from the elements, is all you need to achieve optimum skin care. This goes for both men and women. Don’t be wary guys of using a little lotion or sun block, it will in no way reduce your masculinity. It will however leave you feeling comfortable in your own skin so to speak.

When talking about moisturizer, it is equally important to be aware of the things that you use like soap, washing powder and the other chemicals used in your work place. The one’s which you feel would dry your hands should be handled by using gloves. This will help a lot in maintaining the skin beauty, remember beauty doesn’t restrict in your face it is applicable in your overall appearance from hair to toe. When talking about legs, always make sure the feet is dry and is well maintained without any dirt before wearing footwear. This can help your leg look clean and fresh.

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