One’s constitution gives the skin certain characteristics. The conditions of the skin are generally affected by many other factors such as diet, lifestyle, climate, mental state and general health. One should always need to pay attention to daily needs and address the factors that challenge us. The introduction of Ayurveda into modern beauty practices is like going “back to the future” for the ancient ingredients and age old procedures and speeding towards the cutting edge of today’s beauty care.

Natural products like the turmeric, sandalwood, tulsi, neem had always been the source of beauty care in ancient India. More and more experienced beauty therapists acknowledge that natural cosmetics are more healthy and effective than their synthetic counterparts. The skin is not only the largest organ in the human body.The skin is the extreme limit, the point of separation between myself and others, between the ego and the environment. It is that area, of which very little is known where the mind expresses without mediation its state of balance or imbalance, of harmony or lack of equilibrium.

Ayurveda Skin Care skin directly reveals the energetic level of the entire psichophysical unit; it is a transparent mirror where the movement of the Doshas brings about changes also of a radical nature in its biochemical balance. It is the expression of our being, that special sinergy of Doshas that represents our individual constitution. Our very selves.

The skin as expression of our overall state of health. It is the updated map of our energy balance.

Naturally fresh and healthy skin is protector of body and a thing of beauty. Ayurveda our ancient science of medicine has suggested many herbal remedies and natural methods to protect our skin from pimples, acne, dark circles, wrinkles and marks left by pimples and to increase the fairness of the skin. Pimples , acne dark circles, wrinkles and marks give a dull and unhealthy look.

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