Most skin care products contain glycolic acid, retinol, vitamin E that promise to fight ageing, sun damage and protect against the effects of free radicals. However, have you ever realized that all your latest skin care cleansers stay on your skin just for a few seconds before being washed off with water? Cosmetic researchers are investigating whether the anti ageing and sun blocking ingredients in these cleansers can be effective in such a short time.

Glycolic acid removes dead skin, reduces wrinkle lines and lightens complexion. Moreover, as it removes dead skin, it sets the stage for penetration of the skin care moisturizers you apply after the cleansing process. Latest research has shown that leaving your glycolic acid skin care cleanser on your face for a minimum of minute can make the cleansing action more effective.

Vitamin C and retinol is required to remain on your face for a longer time. Research has shown that these ingredients are better off in skin care moisturizers, and not in skin care cleansers.

How about a skin care cleanser that stays on? Yes, something that resists rinsing! But, wouldn’t that result in greasy and sticky skin? Nope! Not with the latest wipes and rinse-resistant formulae that many skin care cleansers claim to have.

You can buy moist face wipes containing retinol and Vitamin C, which do not require rinsing. Therefore the active ingredients remain on your face longer.

Then there are SPF skin care cleansers that allow the active anti aging or sun blocking ingredients to stick to your face, while the other ingredients do the cleansing work. As these produce a mild result, it is recommended to use a good skin care moisturizer afterwards.

A latest skin care product that uses a natural extract from a tulip tree claims to stay on the skin and trap pollutants that carry free radicals which can be rinsed at a later time, thus protecting the skin from collagen and elastin damage.

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