In a previous article I addressed the factors contributing to the aging of our skin. In this article I want to address the more popular topic of stopping and/or reversing the aging of our skin. Of course there is no such thing as the long sought-never found Fountain-of-Youth, but that doesn’t stop the claims of the modern day snake doctors.

There is no lack of products available to treat our skin. Some are “clinically proven” while others that have been around for ages have been proven through repeated use over long periods of time. Among the “clinically proven” we have alpha-hydroxy and beta-hydroxy acids; probably the best known of the bunch and both used as “peels”. Almost all of these products are acids,but I’m not sure that is relevant. Several of these substances act as bleaches to “whiten the skin. Some act as fillers. Some such as Retinol and the vitamins C, E, and K enhance the bodies ability to produce new skin and produce collagen and elastin. All of these work and most are safe except you do need to check the allergy info on any product you use, “clinically proven” or not.

“Clinically proven” excludes some really good stuff. Most everyone has heard of the enzyme CoQ10. The absence of this enzyme is a marker for aging so it makes sense to me to supplement it as we grow older. Collagen is used extensively by those seeking their elusive youth. Estrogen makes the news weekly. DHEA is one I have heard of ,but have found no research that impresses me. There is a lot of hype about green tea, but if it was good for your skin, seems to me all orientals would have great skin since they drink so much of it. Aloe Vera is a plant whose pulp has incredible healing power, especially in the case of burns. Tamanu oil is the South Pacific’s answer to Aloe Vera and the Melanesians invented pretty skin. Mexico has a tree that produces a similar product, but I would never attempt to spell it. Coconut oil is a great moisturizer and smells as good as anything out there. Try a little Melanesian skin care and and dream of sandy beaches in exotic places.

I often wonder what the ancient Egyptians did to their dead. Imagine having great skin thousands of years after you’re dead and buried. All natural substances for sure. Their living had to look fabulous.

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