People spend hundreds of dollars on skin care products to find the best solution to damaged skin. In time, both men and women will feel that the condition of their skin is changing. It would be thinner, less elastic, more translucent and dehydrated. Having dry skin leads to developing wrinkles which a lot of people consider unsightly. Before, a lot of experts thought that having wrinkles is inevitable. Although it is true, there are ways that would slow down the process and reduce its visibility. Best of all, slowing down the aging process and repairing the damages need not be expensive as people may have thought. There are all natural home skin care solutions that are affordable yet effective.

The first step to successful natural home skin care is to “know thy skin”. This simply means that you have to know the type of your skin. It is important to know if it is dry, average or oily because skin care for each type varies. It would also be beneficial if you knew ingredients that cause allergic reactions to your skin. From looking at your daily routine, you will be able to point out which aspect in skin protection you need most. For instance, if you go out for lunch and walk under the sun, then you might need to spend more for sun protection. If you are exposed to free radicals, then perhaps you have to focus on antioxidants when it comes to the considerations for products associated with natural home skin care.

Speaking about food, nutrition is another aspect to consider for skin care. Besides knowing which kinds of food make the skin looking young, knowing which causes oily skin and breakouts would also be helpful for natural home skin care. Most fruits are considered favorable for skin, but some are more beneficial than others. Cherries, berries, melons, apples and pears are some examples of “food for the skin”. Green and leafy vegetables, asparagus, eggplant, celery and onions are also rich in antioxidants. On the other hand, a high intake of meat and weirdly enough, full-fat milk increases the possibility of developing wrinkles.

There are still a lot of myths when it comes to proper cleansing. The first myth is that the more you wash, the more your skin would improve. Too much cleansing actually reduces the natural oils from your skin. the same goes for using strong soaps that it is best to resort to using mild soaps with added oils and fats to replace natural oils that is stripped while cleansing. Most people also tend to be swayed by products with dyes and perfumes because they do look inviting. The truth is that some of these additives can trigger irritation and other allergic responses. Primary rule for natural home skin care can be as simple as being gentle to your skin. Using warm water for washing, and patting instead of rubbing with a towel, can already make wonders.

Lastly, make sure you have the most appropriate skin care products. As the sun is considered a main reason for skin damage, sun protection should never be taken lightly. Stay away from direct sunlight in its high intensity hours particularly between 10 in the morning and 4 in the afternoon. For best results, use sunscreen with SPF higher than 15. It is also important that you know how to use sunscreen. For instance, it is best to put some on 20 minutes before going outdoors and as it wears off, you might need to do reapplication as needed.

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