What Every African American Woman Should Know About Black Skin Care

Black skin care is a subject that many African American women want to know more about. Having spent years in the skin care industry, I have received many enquiries from African American women.

And these curious enquires are easily justifiable. African Americans have naturally darker skin that reacts differently when compared to fairer tones of skin. There are several advantages and disadvantages that come with having naturally dark skin.

Firstly, let’s examine some of the positive attributes of naturally dark skin. African American skin is dark due to a higher level of melanin in the skin. Melanin protects the skin from damage. This gives African American skin an inherently stronger defense against sun damage. Sun damage can accelerate or exacerbate signs of aging. Since African Americans have stronger protection against sun damage, they age more gracefully and are less likely to show severe signs of aging through the quality of their skin.

Unfortunately, people with naturally dark skin also have a unique set of challenges to deal with. Naturally dark skin is more likely to form long-lasting scars. This attribute becomes a nasty issue to content with, especially when skin becomes red or inflamed. So try to avoid any blemishes as they may leave a shadow that is difficult to get rid of.

African American skin also loses its elasticity easily. This problem becomes readily apparent when African Americans lose or gain weight suddenly. This can result in unsightly stretch marks that are difficult to remove.

Due to the unforgiving attributes of naturally dark skin, preventive care is of utmost importance. Should preventive care be neglected, the ensuing marks left on the skin will be difficult to remove.

To maintain African American skin, you should use skin care products that are highly nutritious for the skin. All skin requires several minerals and ingredients to keep it youthful and subtle. These nutritious ingredients include Cynergy TK, Nano-Lipobelle H EQ 10, phytessence wakame, natural vitamine E and active manuka honey.

These ingredients are premium skin care agents that offer a natural and effective form of skin care maintenance. Cynergy TK is a particularly exciting new ingredient that is being hailed as a miracle anti aging ingredient. On the other hand, phytessence wakame is produced from Japanese kelp, and already has a long and established history in helping Japanese women stay youthful and beautiful.

Xtendlife’s range of women’s skin care is particularly useful in maintaining and rejuvenating African American skin and is one of the best kept secrets in African American skin care. This range of skin care offers a carefully formulated mixture of the above mentioned ingredients. This specially designed range of products offers an unparalleled skin care experience that will keep you looking young and sexy.

African Americans are precariously placed in realm of black skin care. Even though they are more resistance to sun damage and generally show less signs of aging, any imperfections that do occur are hard to deal with. Therefore, African Americans should adopt preventive skin care as a safeguard against aging and skin imperfections.

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