tantric full body orgasm for women

Ever wondered how to get super blasting full body orgasm? Well, this is definitely possible with ancient techniques. Some believe that it is only possible though tantric sex sounds. The process may be intimidating but not for sex marathons. Listed below are some excellent tips from the ancient practice sets to experience electrifying full-body orgasms. This can be felt right from top to toes.

It definitely feels great to end your sex session with an orgasm, but it’s even amazing to have a full body orgasm, which is more intense and extensive than your regular orgasm. A full body orgasm includes a variety of sensations that lead to an orgasm that may last between a few minutes and a few hours.

What is Full Body Orgasm?

Also known as expanded orgasm, full body orgasm is known to be an intense sexual experience which is more intense and extensive than ordinary orgasm. Full body orgasm includes a range of sensations including orgasms that are throughout the body and orgasms lasting from a few minutes to many hours.

You have to pay attention to a certain things to understand how to have a full body orgasm.

Here’s how full body orgasm is reached

The Art of Thinking Big

You should stop focusing only on what you feel below the waist. The key to experience full body orgasm is imagining all that energy running up your spine and then down your arms into your hands, and back up into the top of your head. You must learn to open yourself up and aloe all of the powerful sexual energy flow through you.

Breathe Deeper

The natural act is to hold breath when you’re on the brink of climax. However, this is not what allows you to enjoy a full body orgasm. In fact, the experts feel that deeper pleasure can be experienced if you fully inhale and exhale. To enjoy the experience while performing the actual act, practice while you masturbate.

You need to make noise. Scream, yell, shout, scream, grunt, sigh or do whatever makes you comfortable. Your partner will feel appreciated and this will give you a high too. Unlike what most people think, this is not just for male excitement or fulfilment. It is about the woman’s enjoyment too. As per tantric sex ritual, there are about seven different energy centers (also known as chakras) in the body.

tantric full body orgasm

These include the following listed below:

Lower belly
Top of the head
Upper abdomen

When you make higher-pitched sounds, it works towards bringing your sexual energy up to these higher centers. On the other hand, making lower sounds brings it down.

Be Regular with Your Kegels

This is all about squeezing and releasing the pubococcygeus muscle. This is the one you use to stop the flow of urine. You need to do it in a slow, deep rhythm because when sexual intercourse gets more intense it will help you get orgasm for longer time and more powerfully. Practice Kegel exercises at least forty times a day. You may do four sets of ten in a day.

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