3 best sex poses from Kama sutra Positions

KamaSutra, the word that will evoke anyone’s mind on the most impossible lovemaking positions in the world. Each position mentioned brings different sensation to different couples that have tried them.

When it comes to the best love making positions, it is difficult to point out only one. For most men, sex is just sex. But it is far more than that.

The best love making positions are the simplest. Sure, trying out all the fancy positions in the kamasutra is fun. But, sometimes these positions tend to be too complicated. They can be uncomfortable and really tiring if they are carried out for a long time.

Regular missionary position is one of the most intimate positions. It has to be done correctly so that both people can enjoy it. It’s not all about having the man on top while the woman lays there still.

There are many things a woman can do in this position. One of them is to arc her back while looking at her lover lustfully. She can also use her arms to grab him. She can grab his arms or back.

Some men like their women to pinch their nipples or grip them tight with their nails. Some men find these “love wounds” extremely sexy!

To make sexual life spicier, there are some positions which are easy to perform.

Kamasutra: 3 best positions

In this article, let me just share with you what are the 3 best positions that can make your partner goes wild on bed:

1. The Yawning Position

Lovemaking begins with having the man-on-top position, with both partners’ legs outstretched. This often develops naturally into the Yawning Positions where the woman raises her thighs and spread them widely.

The restriction for this position is due to the woman’s thigh as is does not allow for very deep penetration and the chances of stimulating her clitoris are lower. Offsetting that, this is one of the most erotic positions. The helplessness that she feels when her genitals are displayed can be the most powerful turn-on in this position.

Yawning Kama sutra Position

Man: By leaning forward as you thrust and changing the angle of your thigh is an easy way to vary the depth of penetration.

Woman: By pressing your legs inwards against the sides of your man makes it easier to keep it raised.

2. The Widely Opened Position

The woman lying down with her back arched, head thrown back and body raised to meet her partner spreading her legs wide giving an angle of entry to ensure deep penetration.

This position provides more satisfaction to the woman then the man as the genitals comes into contact. This is because this position gives her clitoris full exposure to the friction of the intercourse. However, he might simply miss the feeling of the tight containment as she closes her legs against his penis.

Widely Opened Position sex Kama sutra Position

Man: Support yourself up by propping yourself up on your arms.
Woman: Keep your body arched to meet your partner and look into his eyes to increase the feeling of intimacy.

3. Side-By-Side/Women on top Clasping Position

It is highly recommended that to carry out with the gentle, relaxed, side-by-side clasping position, the man should always lie on his left hand side and the woman lying on her right hand side. However, this is just a suggestion.

Side-By-Side Clasping Position sex Kama sutra Position

This CLOSE, LOVING embrace position is highly reassuring, especially when the couple is in the early days of sexual relationship when lovemaking can cause anxiety. By wrapping around each other lovingly and keeping it at that for a while can remove all anxiety at the same time gives a comforting and unhurried start being together sexually.

Side-By-Side and Women on top Clasping Position sex Kama sutra Position

For couple in established relationship, they will find great pleasure and reassurance in adopting this position during lovemaking. The gentle intimacy allows the couple to express and reinforce their feelings of loving tenderness towards each other.

Exploring new positions and unknown positions is a good way to improve sexual health as the pace of life is getting faster and faster and couples are not doing what they are supposed to be doing due to fatigued and stress in work.

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You get famous when you become an expert in giving satisfying sexual pleasures. Become an Expert of Sexual Intercourse by knowing secrets of lovemaking. Seduce anyone. Last longer. Give Multiple Orgasms to Women while following the Kamasutra Sex Pose Guides shared here, you can also share the guides with your partner to make him/her explore new avenues of sex.

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