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What do most of the romantic movies have in common? Yes, a long, passionate kiss that is shared between two star-crossed lovers. You know the type I mean – a romantic lip lock like the one shared by Clark Gable and Vivien Leigh in the 1939 classic, Gone With the Wind. Or how about that sexy upside down kiss between the famous superhero Spiderman and his love Mary Jane? Learning how to kiss a girl may seem easy in the movies, but it can be quite different when you try it for yourself. However, there are some foolproof tips you can follow to guarantee a kiss.

If you want to learn how to kiss a girl, the first thing you need to do is be bold. Women like men who are in charge and who surprise them. Don’t bother with playing the shy gentleman. If you find an attractive girl, initiate a conversation with her and then go for the gusto. She might be caught off guard, but that won’t necessarily mean she didn’t enjoy the surprise element of the whole situation.

If you want to master the art of learning how to kiss a girl, you also need to make sure to retain an air of mystery. Women love mystery and the whole concept of intrigue. You should play up on this fact by teasing her bit. Start by directly asking her for a kiss. Be fully prepared for a flat out no response. At this point, most men would cut their losses. However, a smart man will smile mischievously and say “I’m just making sure you really meant what you said. You looked like you may have meant to say yes so I thought I would check.”

You should also build some anticipation when you want to know how to kiss a girl. Start off snuggling on the couch and gently brushing her ear. Things will quickly start to heat up again, at which point you should pull away. Try leaning in and then resisting a few more times. Very soon, she will practically be begging you for a kiss. She will soon decide that she just HAS to have a kiss from you after being teased for a while.

Now, I shouldn’t have to tell you this, but you need to start slowly without forcing your tongue down her throat. There is a time and place for everything, but we are discussing how to kiss a girl, not an illicit a gag response. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with a good French kiss, but only when it is expected. She will find it very disconcerting when you quickly progress from soft, gentle kisses to a full-on “Frencher”. You may want to surprise your woman, but not like this.

If you want to learn the tricks of kissing a girl, just remember the simple rules. Be bold, retain an air of mystery and build up anticipation. Last but not least, remember to start with slow, sensual kisses before revealing any tongue. Have fun and most importantly, be sure to practice often.

Here are some simple rules to set her lips on fire

Foolproof Ways to Kissing

Every kiss means something for instance, kisses on the forehead symbolizes ‘we are good matches or cute together’. Kiss on the cheek or wake up kiss is ‘we are friends or erotic lovers’, kiss on the hand ‘I appreciate, adore, and love you deeply’, kiss on the neck ‘I need you right away’ kiss on the shoulder or shoulder kiss ‘you are perfect’ kiss on the lips ‘can you be mine forever?, I love you forever or be my endless love’.

Kiss on the eyes ‘I love you for who you are’ kissing you while laughing ‘I am absolutely comfortable with you, or I cannot do without you; we are an inseparable duo’. You are madly in love if you are thinking of someone as you are reading this.

Kissing someone passionately: step by step tips

As one can see from the above narrative, there are different kiss types for various occasions; kiss on the cheek, forehead, lips, etc. You exhibit each of them whenever you want to communicate passionately. If you lack the necessary skills to do them, they can actually turn out to be sloppy or gross, but if done correctly, you will see that this is the best way to express love. Doing it correctly means you will have a soft pair of lips, confidence and someone to kiss.

The starting point

Get prepared– if you want to kiss someone, make sure you do not eat strong foods such as strong flavors, garlic, onion etc at least two hours before the exercise. Unless both of you are indulging in it. Check your breath before you start to kiss so that you don’t embarrass your partner.

Be courageous– once you have decided to kiss someone, go for it, even if you have been disappointed in the past.

Don’t bump teeth while kissing– press your lips or tongues into your lover’s lips, but don’t bump teeth. Continue kissing if you bump teeth accidentally.

Advanced techniques– move to the neck as the kiss progresses. Try to discuss the receiving or giving of love bite with your lover before you leave one. There are a thousand and one things you can do to heighten the kiss; you can stroke your soul mate’s back, hold them tightly or softly and run your finger all through their hair, and also feel other parts of their body, or lean your partners’ head on your body, combined with eye contact and kiss profusely.

slowly kiss the neck - how to kiss girl and guy

Kissing a girl on the first date

Is it right to kiss a girl on the first date? To some, it is right depending on how the relationship is going, while to others, it could mean appearing too cheap to the guy. Hundreds of books had been written on this.

Here are some points that will assist you in gauging whether you should or shouldn’t kiss your girl on the first date.

In the girl’s mind– so many things will be going through her mind such as, does he like my hairstyle, dress code?, am I appearing too decent, am I talking too much? Etc. She may also be contemplating, is it right to kiss him today. Girls are very complicated, if she likes you deeply, she may give in to the kiss even before you make the move. Some may pretend not to give in to the kiss even when you try, just to make you try harder.

In the guy’s mind– genetically, guys are simple. They can give in to kiss at the shortest possible period of time. All through the date, he may be saying within ‘wow, she is so cute’ ‘I can’t wait to hold her in my arms tonight’ ‘when will I have the privilege of kissing her succulent lips?’

Fundamentally, guys are allowed to do the chasing, leading the way the relationship should go. Guys are expected to initiate the kiss on the first date, if they truly think it is necessary. Read her body language, and see if she truly wants the kiss or if she can give in if you try.

Keep chatting if she is not interested in kissing you. If the first date is successful, definitely second will follow, and of course sex. Physical intimacy is guaranteed if you succeed in the first and second date.

Women spent greater part of their time deciding what to wear, but it may not take a guy up to 10 minutes to do just that. The guy takes the lead in terms of what happens on the first date. Guys should pardon their partners if they are tensed in the first date.

It is more preferable to meet the girl at the venue of the date than picking the girl with your car. If the girl is a working class; have jobs, money and a career woman, it is still not advisable to pick her up from the office. Allow her to drive herself to the venue. At least, it shows to some extent that you are not desperately in want of her though you need her.

kissing techniques - tips to kiss a girl and boy

The bar remains one of the cutest places to have a dating experience. The mood and music herein makes you to relax. Be prepared to invest some finances on wine, but don’t allow her to get drunk.

Socially, it is acceptable to kiss in a bar, both of you may feel free to kiss when you see some couples around you kissing each other. The bar will give you the opportunity to get in the right mood, discussing relationship, friendships, etc.

Kissing the girl on the first date don’t just happen, you need to make some move prior to the kissing. Ensure that she is comfortable with you touching her. Give her some time, if she is resentful towards it. Let the touch be soft and pleasant; you can begin by touching the shoulders, checking her ring or wristwatch, but do not be fast in moving to any sexual area. She will be comfortable with you on the physical level with these touches, especially if she is infatuated or deeply in love with you. The keyword here is try to make her comfortable.

The easiest way to know her feelings towards you is if she is touching you back, if her response is informal, you can go ahead to kiss her. Touching her on the physical level is very important; this is the only way to melt her heart at first.

How to Kiss a Guy

Are you interested in kissing a guy? There are many ways to do that, but it is necessary to make him to think of it first.
Flirt him up- master the techniques of flirting him up, this entails showing him that you are deeply interested in a compelling and sexy way. You can flirt him up by doing the following:

Smile– your smile will move him emotionally.

Do light touches– keep touching his sensitive spots, like the eye, ear, nose, holding the head, and looking directly into his eyes especially if he is sitting close to you.

Compliment him occasionally– guys love to be complimented just like the girls. Compliment qualities or attributes you truly like about him, it could be his sense of humor, the shape of his eyes, his hair, etc, and let him know why you appreciate them. Complimenting a guy will make you to stand out in his mind and heart.

Use chatting or text– try to be sending a cute message every so often. He will keep on thinking about you if you do this rightly.

Make Yourself Kissable

Have an amazing smell– guys are more attracted to girls that smells nice; apply a deodorant, or perfume or body spray to some sensitive part of your body like your knees, throat, wrists etc.

Have luscious lips– a luscious lip can seduce any guy. Always apply balm or lipstick so as to make them soft. However, you need to apply caution on this because some lipstick have offensive odor.

make lips kissable - how to kiss a guy

Let your hair look awesome– on the physical level, some guys will be attracted to you if your hairstyle looks good.

Sit next to him– if you are sitting with him in the same car, try to move closer to him, his reaction will tell if he needs kiss or not. Definitely, you will be on the right track if he seems to like it.

Hold his hand– hold his hand, or do not twiddle or fold your thumbs, instead make your hands available for him to hold them.

The Process to Kiss a Man

Drag him close

Hug him deeply, and make sure your arms are around his shoulders or necks, and hold it tight for two to three seconds before pulling it away. If you have been thinking of a way to get intimate with him, try to pull away from the crowd, so that you can meet him.

Ask him if he would like to go out for a bit, offer to walk him home or to do some tedious works for him, let him know that you are romantically attached to him. If it is well timed, a cool and intimate atmosphere can do half of the work.

When discussing with him, use your hands to bring him close; rest them on his hips, chest or shoulders. Start taking the dominance.

kissing a guy techinque - how to kiss a man

How to Kiss a Girl

How do you kiss this gorgeous damsel, even when she is not in the mood? Here are few tips that will help you to do it in an amazing way:

Setting the Mood: Start by complimenting her looks. Be genuine, every woman has some features which are gorgeous and unique. For example: if a lady is ugly she might be having nice rounded boobs and tight ass. Instead of fake compliment on her looks, impress her appreciating her body assets.

Do it when you are alone with her: It is better to kiss a girl when you are alone with her, than in front of her friends, unless she permits that. If you really want it to be rolling immediately, simply excuse her from the crowd for few minutes. Also, if both of you are in a party or meeting, kindly ask her if she will like to go out to receive some fresh air, ask her if she will like you to walk her home from work, school party etc, if all these areas fails, don’t still give up, ask her out for a date- this will guarantee you much time with her. Before initiating the kiss, ensure the atmosphere is romantic, cool, and sexy. You can also check her lip expression as given below before making the move.

lip expression of a girl

Don’t while Kissing a Girl

While discussing with her, there are lots of issues you should never talk about like:

Don’t talk about how beautiful or sexy other girls are, this issue might disable her disposition. Instead, talk about how good you think she is, such compliments will ignite her feelings towards you.

Don’t complain about few things you don’t love about yourself, it isn’t romantic to complain, instead talk about things you like about yourself, and about her, such as things you think both of you have in common.

Do’s while Kissing a Girl

Compliments her profusely

There is no body that doesn’t love compliments- complimenting her will make her feel beautiful, special and adored. If it is possible for you, keep telling her qualities you admire about her, which other people do not possess. While talking about other girls, choose your words carefully.

Furthermore, while sending your compliments, please try to concentrate more on her hair, eyes, smile- you can be saying things like ‘you have a dazzling smile’, ‘I like the way you laugh, you laugh like a baby’ ‘truly your eyes are very beautiful and inviting’.

Do not spend much time talking about her physical attributes like her figure, butt, and weight and so on. She may think you are interested in her waist if those areas are stressed more than others.

kissing types pictures - How to kiss a girl

When complimenting, lower the tone of your voice, and say it in a romantic manner. This conveys high sense of intimacy, lowering the tone of your voice is a trick that will make the conversation seem private.

If you are not sure whether she will like you to kiss her or not, you can try doing a little familiar touch first. If she is responding positively, then you can pull her forward for a kiss.

Signs She Needs the Kiss

Keep in mind that you may not pick this from every girl, because some tends to be shy or even hide their feelings even when they are madly in love for a guy. However, below are some signs that she deeply needs the kiss now:

• She tries to get your attention over a slightest issue or event

• She admires you, and quickly looks away if you see her

• She blushes when you are talking to her

• She keeps biting her lip or licks her lips a lot, not in a flirty way, but unconsciously because the lips might dry up if she is nervous.

• She leans towards you if you try to touch her.

• Her heart beat and breathing is intense if you are close

signs that girl want to kiss you

Make Eye Contact

Before kissing her, you can lock her eyes. This is a sign that you are contemplating how to kiss her. If she reacts sharply or abruptly changes the subject, kindly tune off on the kiss, but keep moving forward if the idea is welcome.

You can as well break the kiss barrier by lifting her hand to your mouth, and kissing the back of it or even kissing the cheek. Though, these seem too chivalrous but most girls like that.

Hold her in kissable regions

Don’t just look at her, instead hold her at kissable areas like on her faces, shoulders, back of her head, on her waist, and then try French kissing if she is interested- rubbing your tongue across her lower lip, doing so might inspire her to open wide her mouth, if interested. However, be ready to accept defeat if it backfires.

Leave her with endless memories

If you are about to end a kiss, try to do it with a gentle touch or caress; running your hands or fingers across her hair, kissing the back of her hand etc. Doing any of these can put a halt to the kiss in a positive note, and get to anticipate more next time.

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