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Women arousal is extremely different from men. They rarely reach the state of orgasm in less then 20 minutes because men do not take the effort to understand their partners’ sexual desire. Intense foreplay is an extremely important part of any relationship. Women need time and can not be turned on in a single heart beat.

You do not need to be genius when it comes to giving women intense pleasure of foreplay. The main key to getting started in the right direction is not to act solely for the purpose of getting some sex. Women want to be loved and not to be used as an instrument of having sex.

Men are aroused by sight and because of that they run into trouble by skipping the intense pleasure of foreplay. Skipping foreplay would give an indication that you do not actually love her and that is the reason 80 percent of women believes that men just want sex.

4 Intense Foreplay Moves She Definitely Loves

Foreplay Tips

1. Whisper and Lick against her Skin

You hot breath can make her hair rise in sensual way. Kiss, nibble and softly suck her back of neck while whispering naughty words. Whisper naughty words and do slow dry humping. This is a great way to increase sexual tension. Lick her through as you whisper her.

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2. High School Style (Making out on the Couch)

Couch make out sessions allow her to relax and enjoy the moments. It is like foreplay on asteroids. This high school style takes you right back to when you were a teenager and making out was exciting and adventurous.

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3. Deep Tongue Kissing

Doing deep tongue kissing gets her hot under the collar. Take your time and kiss her in a way that makes her feel like you are willing to devote all the time in the world to her. Deep tongue kissing will moisten up her underwear in not time flat.

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4. Sexual Massages

Sexual Massages can last for hours or can be a quick intense foreplay session. Kissing, licking and warm breath are often welcomed with an erotic response. Sexual massages increase the pleasure of intense foreplay.

If you can give her an out-of-this-world sexual experience, she will do everything in her power to be with you, don’t be surprised if she begs you for more after you seduce her with foreplay tips discussed here.

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