sexual attraction secrets of opposite sex

Hormones are a form of chemical compounds in our body which is released at various stages of life and times as per need. The role that they play in influencing our minds and bodies to get attracted to somebody is also pivotal. A famous study defines the first stage of love to be lust, the second as Attraction and third as Attachment. These various stages are influenced by different hormones in our body.

Attraction is the most beautiful stage when one is said to have “fallen in love”. The person in totally in thoughts of his/her lover and can think of nothing else that person.

The hormones that play their role for such a emotional state are the following:

Dopamine : Dopamine is a hormone that acts as a neurotransmitter. When this hormone is triggered, the individual experience the similar pleasurable feeling like that experienced when taking drugs! This brings in a wave of pleasant feelings, additional energy and focus. The need for sleep and taking rest is felt to go down.

Adrenaline : The process of falling for some body is characterized by a rush of adrenaline in your blood. This affects your response to stress, increased heart beat and dryness of mouth- indicators of initiation of love.

Almost all of us want to know the secret behind attracting opposite sex. However, very few have been actually successful to know about the secret. If you have been trying to know these secrets, here are some tips that would work better for you to attract opposite partner.

Secrets of making her/him fall in love

a) Centre of attraction

In order to get noticed, you need to make some efforts. For instance, stand in the middle of the room, move around etc. Seek some place at the corner of the bar of a night club. Making some efforts will definitely do the trick.

b) Color theory

There are some colors that work for attracting opposite sex. Women in pink or peach look really attractive. This flatters most skin types. Men look good in blue. If you want to look sensual, wear red and plum.

c) Body language

There are some body signs one needs to use certain body signs to attract opposite sex in a decent way. Women need to stand with 6-10 inches apart. Also try to sit with legs apart. This exudes confidence galore. Men should also appear pleasant and try wearing conservative hair style. Also hold your head up. Never ever fold your arm as this exudes lack of confidence.

d) Smile

Experts have never doubted the power of smile. Putting a sunny and vibrant smile on your face will attract the man or woman of your dreams. Remember that the smile should appear genuine. Do not give a plastic smile.

opposite sex attraction

e) Scent

Wearing a powerful scent will do the trick. Try to put on loads of cinnamon and vanilla. This will definitely attract the opposite sex. These herbs are known to enhance the power of attraction.

f) Eye contact

Look into the eyes of the opposite sex. However, make sure that you don’t stare the other person.

g) Don’t criticize

You should stay away from any sort of criticism. This will bring you in good light of the other person.

The secret of attracting the opposite sex will always remain a mystery. Following the above mentioned tips will help you find a solution.

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