Gone are the days when women went through anxious days and spent sleepless nights over the loss of their virginity. After nose jobs, breast implants, liposuction and botox, the latest trend is hymenoplasty or hymenorrhaphy.

Restoring virginity is fast becoming popular amongst women who desire to be virgins again for a variety of reasons. Over centuries virginity has been given social, religious and moral importance. Today, regaining lost virginity by repairing the hymen with a surgical procedure is fast and easy.

Restore Virginity, Gain Respect of Trust!

What is virginity?

Virginity is a term that refers to something being pure, untouched and unexposed. In context of olive oil, the first pressed olives with a low acidity of about .08% are termed as extra virgin olive oil. There are drinks without any alcohol mixture is termed as virgin. A female or male who has never indulged in sexual activity or had a sexual intercourse are called as virgins. Virginity in the human context is a concept that differentiates between people who have been sexually active and those who have not.

Losing virginity

If the hymen inside a woman’s vagina tears due to a sexual intercourse, the woman is supposed to lose her virginity. According to societal norms, the tearing of the hymen during intercourse acts as an indicator that the woman had never indulged in sexual activity. The hymen can even tear while doing a heavy workout, strenuous activities like horse riding and even while wearing a tampon.

What is the hymen in virginity?

The hymen is named after the Greek goddess Hymenaeus – the God of marriage and weddings. Hymen is a tissue that covers the external vaginal opening. It may or may not be perforated. It partially conceals the vaginal orifice. Biologically, the hymen is not an indicator of a woman’s virginity because a hymen may tear during a physically strenuous exercise, masturbation or may not be there at all. In some cases, the hymen can be so elastic that it does not tear at all during penetrative sex. Remnants of hymen can be present even after a woman gives vaginal birth. A woman or man loses virginity only after they have had a sexual intercourse, irrespective of whether there was a hymen tear or not.

Restoring virginity

Times have changed and the world has evolved. A woman has the power today to regain her virginity with simple plastic surgery procedures. Hymenoplasty or revirgination is a procedure that can reattach the hymen and bring back lost virginity. It is a plastic surgery process that repairs the hymen of a woman. It restores lost virginity in females.

Women can easily restore their virginity with a simple plastic surgery called hymenoplasty.


Different ways of performing a hymenoplasty

If you plan to opt for the surgical procedure, ensure that you find the right cosmetologist or doctor. Find an expert and experienced surgeon for the surgery. Check and compare costs. Discuss the procedure that your doctor will follow. Do not forget to get complete information about post surgery care. Read and find information online. Here’s some basic know how on ways of how a hymenoplasty is performed.

Performing an immediate suturing after a tear has taken place

Create a membrane without blood supply. It is a cosmetic procedure that uses an artificial blood like gelatin substance. It can be performed a few days before someone intends to get married.

Creating a new hymen with the remains of the torn hymen

The doctor may advise abstaining from a sexual intercourse for a few days and prescribe medication to avoid vaginal infections. Follow instructions religiously.

Hymenoplasty is a controversial issue in many countries around the world due pre-marital sex taboo. A hymenoplasty procedure is typically done for religious or cultural purposes as an intact hymen is considered a sign of virginity in some communities mostly in islamic countries. Women travel overseas from their countries and restore their hymen to gain trust of future husband. The worst side of the taboo is that men are free to have sex before marriage but women are under restrictions – most women smartly use vacation or similar guise to get hymenoplasty in foreign countries, to save their identity from their country of origin. Different women have different reasons to restore their virginity and therefore vaginal repair and reconstruction is becoming a popular trend. It can save women of social embarrassments and grant them a chance to enjoy the conformation of being a virgin all over again.

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